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HB 4174 (Rep. Hefner) seeks to make veterans “whole” for the purposes of state benefits if they were discharged from the armed forces due to declining the COVID jabs.

Even though the Department of Defense recently rescinded its COVID vaccine mandate, those who have been discharged thus far were not often done so with honor. These service men and women deserve better, and Texas is prepared to do what it can. 

HB 4174 is scheduled for a public hearing on Thursday, April 13 in the House Committee on Defense and Veterans Affairs. Have your voice heard by contacting members of this committee and let them know that they should vote YES on HB 4174!

1- Email the Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee Members:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


Dear Representative,

I am writing to you today to ask you to please VOTE YES to pass HB 4174 favorably out of the Defense and Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Thursday, April 13. 

Texas veterans who have been discharged solely based on declining COVID-19 vaccines deserve to be considered honorably discharged for the purposes of state benefits!

Thank you,

2- Call the Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee Members:

Chairman Terry Wilson: (512) 463-0309
Vice Chair Ray Lopez: (512) 463-0669
Representative Ben Bumgarner: (512) 463-0688
Representative Mark Dorazio: (512) 463-0646
Representative James B. Frank: (512) 463-0534 
Representative Josey Garcia: (512) 463-0634
Representative Penny Morales Shaw: (512) 463-0620
Representative Sergio Munoz Jr.: (512) 463-0704 
Representative Bryan Slaton: (512) 463-0880

SAMPLE MESSAGE: Please VOTE YES on HB 4174 being heard in the Defense and Veterans’ Affairs Committee today.

3- Provide Public Comments

If you are a Texas resident, you can submit public comments that will be distributed to the committee members by using this form and selecting “HB 4174 by Hefner.” Please indicate “self” in the “Organization/Representing” field and use parts of the sample email above for your comments.


  1. Angie Scheirman

    If women have the right to kill their babies. Why can’t a person have the right NOT to poison himself

  2. If it is “my body, my choice” for women to choose to kill their babies in the womb, then why can’t a person have the right to choose
    whether to take a new vaccine or to decline. As we have now seen in the various clinical studies, the increase in all-cause mortality
    since the Covid vaccines were given to a large portion of our U.S. population. There is ample date on VAERS regarding the reported
    side effects and deaths resulting from the Covid shots. This was a new vaccine that had not been through the necessary testing
    periods. If our soldiers decided to decline this vaccine, especially in lieu of having contracted Covid and having natural immunity,
    then they should not be additionally punished.

    If women have the choice to terminate their pregnancy then who can’t a person have the right NOT to risk unknown effects
    from a new vaccine?

  3. Dr. steven klayman,dc

    Bravo to all the servicemen and women who refused to go along with the clot shot! They recognized the corruption and avoided damage.

  4. No American should be forced to accept any medical procedure, (and that includes a vaccine), in order to attend school, work,
    play a sport, serve in the military, or attend any public event. There should be no mandated vaccines in America.

  5. My body my choice and I choose not to get the vaccine that I can not get a straight answer about the benefits of taking it.

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