Gardasil Fast Facts in Response to Cook Children’s Article

From our December 7, 2017 Facebook Post:

Being the HUGE fans of informed consent that we are, we just couldn’t let Cook Children’s fear-inducing inaccuracies and half-truths skate by unchecked.

We value your right to choose, and strongly desire that you be FULLY informed. In that spirit, we present to you Cook Children’s vs. HPV Facts.

1️⃣️CC says:
“A simple shot can mean the difference between life and death.”

HPV Fact:
Cervical cancer incidence rate with PAP smear: 8 in 100,000
Cervical cancer incidence rate with Gardasil: 14 in 100,000
-Lead Researcher for Merck’s Gardasil trials, Dr. Diane Harper

2️⃣️CC says:
“Texans aren’t getting the message about the dangers of the human papillomavirus.”

HPV Fact:
Cervical cancer incidence rate is 8 in 100,000.
Gardasil 9 adverse events rate is 2,500 in 100,000.

3️⃣️CC says:
“Boys and girls can begin the vaccination process as early as age 9…Parents should start the vaccination process as soon as their pediatrician recommends.”

HPV Fact:
In the pediatric population, “it is not known the ultimate duration of immune response elicited by Gardasil, nor long term safety.”


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