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Hospital Admission Guide

 Utilize this guide to help you successfully advocate for yourself or a loved one 

The best time to prepare for a hospital visit is BEFORE a medical emergency…so let’s get prepared together and…

Build a Pre-Admission Hospital Binder

  • Name and location of your preferred hospital and one backup (if available)
    • Research local area hospital’s policies and procedures
  • Your health insurance information (if available)
    • Work out your best payment/insurance scenario
  • Contact information of a trusted advocate or advocacy organization in case you need additional support
  • Contact information of a trusted attorney if you have one
  • Any medications and medication protocols currently being used
  • Contact information of your primary care physician (if you have one)

Upon Hospital Admission

  • Don’t be Afraid- Be Informed!
  • Maintain kindness and professionalism with all staff
  • Document everything
    • including recording conversations with medical staff if you have any concerns
  • Reach out to TFVC if you feel a need for additional support- We are always here for you!!!
  • If possible, maintain a relationship with your own  physician and refer curious staff to them if needed

If things begin to go sideways during your hospital stay

  • Document everything
  • Peacefully assert your rights
    • Directly quoting which patient right is being violated in a calm, professional voice with neutral body language can work wonders. Many times, just alerting them that you are informed of your rights will shift poor staff behavior.

 Ex: ‘I noticed that your hospital policy encourages me to ask questions about my care in order to obtain informed consent. I feel that you are rushing my decision/not providing enough information/disregarding my concerns, etc. I would like to resolve this issue and move forward.”

  • Contact the charge nurse or case manager if your issue is unresolved by attending staff
  • If violation of patient rights continues, ask for Risk Management to get involved in your case
    • Ex: ‘I continue to feel that my rights are not being upheld. Please connect me with a representative in risk management as soon as possible. Thank you.’

If unresolved issues remain post-discharge

Texans For Vaccine Choice is always here for you! Contact us if you need additional support.

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