Huffington Post Tackles Vaccine Science

From our January 25, 2017 Facebook Post:

“It is not surprising mainstream scientists are vaccine absolutists who vilify anti-vaccine activists given that their medical centers, hospital wings, universities and sometimes personal paychecks are funded by Pharma. What is surprisingly is that progressive news sites that challenge government pronouncements on every other level also vilify anti-vaccine activists as “unscientific.”

Are progressive news sites forgetting Vioxx, Bextra, Baycol, Trovan, Meridia, Darvon, HRT, Phen-Fen, Raxar, Seldane, Ketek, Avandia and Xarelto—-all called safe when they were making millions?

Pharma is unwise to cast such parents, of whom there are many, as “nuts.” The degeneration of their child is not their imagination. Also, there is no defensible reason for vaccines to be given all at once to a child, which many say heightens risks. Administering clusters of vaccines—once not given to children—has been called a major, new profit center for pediatricians.”


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