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Inappropriate and Unethical

“The AAP views nonmedical exemptions to school-required immunizations as inappropriate for individual, public health, and ethical reasons and advocates for their elimination.”

Well, let me be “inappropriate and unethical” because much is at stake if I am not.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is calling war on personal liberties, but they don’t advertise the carnage they will create in the process. The concept of personal liberty is not one of careless abandon, but rather personal responsibility. It holds the individual high and develops a sense of strong community and local accountability. The AAP wants to brand us as “inappropriate and unethical” if we do not choose, in its entirety, the aggressive CDC vaccine schedule on behalf of the “herd.”

According to the AAP, I am the herd. I have been reduced to a cow just like everyone else. We are all equal. We are all the same. We all have the same destiny. We all have to protect each other from disease in order to survive. But y’all, this is Texas. Have you ever driven through Amarillo? If you have, you know that smell all too well. It’s the smell of “mooney” and somebody wants to make big bucks off of us cattle. In Amarillo, the herd is brought in, heavily medicated, slaughtered, and shipped off. Moo. And just like those farmers who treat every cow the same, the AAP slaps the dust off their chaps and goes to round up their next shipment of calves, except this time it’s our children.

The AAP, whose motto is “Dedicated to the Health of All Children,” should KNOW that we are all unique and are made with a dynamic blend of genetics, lifestyles, and life exposure that can greatly alter the outcome of any medical procedure. No two people are alike. We are not carbon copies, not even close. One medical procedure, including vaccination, can have an entirely different outcome from one person to the next. The more complicated the ingredients list, the greater the variation. The AAP should KNOW to read the package inserts. They should KNOW that their precious and bloated vaccine schedule has never been proven for safety and effectiveness in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. They should KNOW that this pseudoscience puts every single person at risk. The AAP should KNOW that mandates eliminate accountability and incentives for medical safety.

It is inappropriate for the AAP to demand mandates that would violate a person’s medical choice that directly impacts their own flesh and the flesh of their offspring! It is unethical for the AAP to demand mandates that eliminate the drive for safety studies and the potential for vaccines that never harm. It is inappropriate for the AAP to completely disregard the 7 million people who have suffered vaccine injury. It is unethical for the AAP to demand mandates that are driving the number of vaccine injured to unjustifiable numbers and tell us we have got to “take one for the team” with their blind eye to the injured and without taking in to account each individual’s design. But yet they do all that under the banner of saying they actually care about our children and public health. The AAP is ill-prepared to care for those wounded by their own policy, and yet demands we send more in for the slaughter. Moo.

I will be “inappropriate and unethical” for as long as I have breath. I will stomp on toes, kick, and not stand numb and compliant in a herd. I know where the herd is headed. And I intend to start a stampede to safety.

Will you join me? Step out of the herd and let’s start the stampede together.


5 thoughts on “Inappropriate and Unethical”

  1. Totally agree with you!! Ready to join the stampede! So the problem is that I think the AAP really thinks that vaccines are safe and somehow really thinks that there are all these horrible diseases out there waiting to kill us if we don’t have vaccines. I think there is a lot of brainwashing in medical school and afterward. Parents who are stating there is a problem with vaccines, are dismissed as being ignorant, or making things up. The truth will come out – but just wondering how many kids’ lives will be negatively impacted before the AAP decides to open their eyes!

  2. You are awesome! Makes want to be a Texan! We’re fighting up here in Washington State, too, but without the accent (to us you have an accent) or cow metaphors, it somehow lacks that certain something. Keep up the great work and let’s get to battling!

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