NC Whooping Cough Outbreak, 79 Cases All Fully Vaccinated

From our July 6, 2018 Facebook Post:

79 cases of whooping cough in North Carolina this year.

“Every case that we’ve had, that we’ve seen so far, has been vaccinated. So you can’t take for granted that just because your child’s been vaccinated for pertussis that they don’t have the capability of contracting it.” -Kim Davis, Carteret County Health Department

But this NEVER happens, right? 🙄

What happens when you pass mandatory vaccination laws under the pretense of preventing outbreaks of pertussis (or measles or chicken pox or…..) yet the outbreaks still occur?

You have stripped citizens of the right to make an important medical decision for themselves in exchange for the “guarantee” that the state will be free from disease.

Spoiler alert: You can’t hold up your end of the deal.




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