Senator Ted Cruz on Weighs In On Vaccine Choice

From our October 3, 2017 Facebook Post:

This weekend TFVC members had the opportunity to ask Senator Ted Cruz a question about federal vaccine mandates. Here was his response.


3 thoughts on “Senator Ted Cruz on Weighs In On Vaccine Choice”

  1. While I am certainly thrilled that he believes in parental choice, I would feel much better knowing he had done the research and understood the problem with vaccines before vaccinating his own child.

    1. Some of us tried to do the research but information was kept from us, doctors and nurses coerce, scare, or shame you into giving new born babies the vaccines. This needs to change. There is no informed consent when truth is being hidden from you. Greatest regret of my life. We are fighting the effects and symptoms caused by the vaccines that make up the behaviors for an autism diagnosis because of their greed, corruption, and evil. My own failures to stand up against them when my newborn son was born should not be his burden to bare. Herd immunity is a myth vaccines don’t and can’t cause herd immunity and we have an obligation to protect our own children not the herd. They know for a fact a certain percent of people will be killed or harmed by vaccines and they force people to gamble with their health and lives and that of their loved ones. I will choose God and nature over corrupt and deceptive man any day. Vaccines can and does cause autism in certain individuals with certain genetic vulnerabilities or susceptibilities. Don’t believe them when they say the science is settled because science can never be settled it is always changing because we are always learning when they choose not to know something they are going against science. Vaccines are a violation of human rights and a crime against humanity the biggest scam of the health industry and causes mainstream medical industry to lose credibility. The business has no ethics or integrity anymore. I wrote Ted Cruz’s office about vaccines all I got back was a generic reply saying he supports vaccines. I am asking him to look into the corruption in the CDC, FDA, EPA and the industry and show the world what they really are. They are captured agencies working for the industry they are supposed to regulate and harming innocent children with their bias science. The failures of the HHS who were legally required to watch the safety of vaccines for the last 30 years should disqualify any vaccine from being forced. This is also a violation of The Nuremberg Code testing medical procedures and medicine without informed consent. We are not given all of the information needed to give consent even doctors are not given all of the information just marketing and sales pitches. We need all lobbyist banned from Washington as the medical industry has more lobbyists than any other industry in America. For the past several decades American’s health has gotten worse not better despite spending more and more on healthcare. This is part because of the poisons they spray on our food, the chemicals and coloring added to the food, the aluminum in our food and in the vaccines, the additives such as fluoride in the water, and without doubt the vaccines with their contaminants, adjuvants, and toxins. This needs to stop now! The body of every living organism has it’s own intelligence to develop, heal, and maintain. They are disrupting that intelligence either deliberately by evil design or ignorantly through incompetence. The children and families like mine are the ones paying the price for now but if population control is the goal then it wont be for long when autism was 1 in 10,000 thirty years ago and is 1 in 36 today there is a lot wrong with the world and our government that has perpetuated this cruelty on innocent people.

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