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State Rep. Tom Oliverson on Vaccine Choice

Fom our February 22, 2018 Facebook Post:

State Rep. Tom Oliverson, MD explains why he supports Texans for Vaccine Choice.
#TFVC #parentscalltheshots #informedconsent #medicalprivacy #vaccinechoice


1 thought on “State Rep. Tom Oliverson on Vaccine Choice”

  1. Vaccines save lives, and herd immunity is a major public health issue. We do NOT want to go backwards- pertussis outbreaks can and HAVE happened in Texas with decreased vaccination rates. We don’t want to have mumps outbreaks as well (which have happened in the US recently). The COVID vaccine has kept my family safe from hospitalization and ICU stays, for my elderly parents, myself and my husband, as well as my kids. Every Texan deserves a chance at good health, and that is what vaccine herd immunity is there to protect Texans.


    Audrey Nath, MD, PhD
    Clinical Assistant Professor, UTMB

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