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The CDC Wants YOU! (To Be Vaccinated.)

Remember Texas Senate Bill 538? It was one of 17 bills proposed last session to remove your freedom of medical choice. SB 538 was quite a doozy, though – a bona fide wolf in sheep’s clothing. The 37 pages of legal lingo seemed on the surface to protect us from communicable disease outbreaks. And of course, we actively want our government to write vetted procedures for infectious disease control. We need quick, coordinated, and humane responses to a virus like ebola, which has a 50% fatality rate. But this particular bill housed a hidden agenda. Underneath the fluff and wool of a superficial interpretation, the SB 538 wolf emerged.

You see, SB 538 gave the Governor ultimate authority to declare an epidemic of any infectious disease of his or her choosing. The police could then identify risk groups to quarantine, and those identified would be detained in a facility until the situation was deemed safe. If children were isolated as part of the risk group, they could be forcibly taken from their parents, and the State would be assigned as guardian, with full parental rights.

If you can read between the lines, you can hear the wolf’s howl and see the obvious over-reaching of power, infringing on those who value their medical autonomy and freedom. Depending on who sits as Governor, the definition of what constitutes an outbreak is up for interpretation.

For example, a handful of measles cases might be an outbreak, a family with chicken pox might spread too far, or the flu could easily tip to pandemic. Combined with another senate bill that would identify and track immunization history, the government could round up and forcibly remove from your custody any children who are under- or non-vaccinated. They could quarantine them, declare themselves guardian, and as their guardian, administer any vaccinations they determine as needed to keep the public safe. A Governor-declared “measles outbreak” would have been an easy gateway to vaccinating the masses.

Thankfully, Texans for Vaccine Choice enticed that wolf down the chimney and killed all 16 bills and neutered the other one aimed at removing our medical freedom of choice.

If only the Big Bad Wolf had met his ultimate demise in our cauldron of boiling water. If only we had feasted and were rid of his insatiable hunger for our basic human rights. No, the Big Bad Wolf merely burned his tail and ran away, setting his sights on the whole nation’s medical rights.

The CDC wants YOU. They want you vaccinated, and you don’t even need to enlist. They’re okay with tracking you down, detaining you, vaccinating and treating you, and sending you on your way.

They said so last month when they issued Proposed Rule document CDC-2016-0068-0001 – a national wolf in sheep’s clothing. This document amends the CDC’s domestic and foreign quarantine regulations in response to the September/October 2014 ebola scare in the United States. We strongly encourage community wide efforts to mitigate, with a swift response, when there is a true health crisis in our country. But, We The People must step up to provide the necessary reality that an absolute, undemocratic Rule needs checks and balances. We have to be aware of CDC rule making, we need to read their Proposed Rule and listen to the commentary, and we have to speak up for our rights.

With SB 538, citizens talked to senators and representatives, we suggested amended language, and we pointed out unintended consequences. We saw how our representatives voted, and we have the power to reelect them or not. In the case of CDC Rule document CDC-2016-0068-0001, the CDC has authority to ask citizens for comments, they will then “carefully consider and address all comments submitted,” and in the end they may or may not revise the content of the rule as a result. They have the power to declare any rendition of the rule as final.

There is a lot of information in this Proposed Rule document, and we urge you to read it, as you may have concerns outside of the scope of vaccine choice. We are specifically unsettled by the language surrounding vaccination and the eerily familiar scenario of SB 538.

For quarantinable communicable disease outbreaks, the document states, “HHS/CDC is proposing a definition for “agreement” which refers to an agreement entered into between the CDC and an individual expressing agreement between the parties that the individual will observe public health measures authorized under this part, as the CDC considers reasonably necessary to protect the public’s health, including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination, hospitalization, vaccination, and treatment.”

Quarantinable communicable diseases are defined by the President in an Executive Order. Currently, that list includes: cholera, diphtheria, tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers (including ebola), severe acute respiratory syndromes, and influenza caused by novel or re-emergent influenza viruses that are causing or have the potential to cause a pandemic. But what is to stop an Executive Order that adds to the list? While measles is not currently on the list, it is prominently showcased in the Proposed Rule along side ebola. What else might be added? Pertussis? Chicken Pox? Zika? The CDC is already quick to consider pandemic status for the flu, even when it’s a normal flu year, and influenza is on the quarantinable list. Ready for your mandated flu shot?

This is a very slippery slope. We actively want as a state and as a nation protection from and action taken towards deadly diseases. While the CDC and government have to have some portion of control to keep us safe in a legitimate outbreak, even an ebola epidemic does not give the CDC ultimate rights over our bodies. We must tell the CDC that vaccination and medical “treatment” must involve consent. And parents call the shots for their children. Where there is risk, there must be choice. Whether the risk is measles or ebola, individual citizens have the right to decide what is injected into their bodies. It is forced vaccination when the CDC makes Proposed Rules to graciously consent to medical procedures for us.

Whether the CDC is just overzealous in protecting us from truly scary outbreaks like ebola or whether they are purposefully overreaching in their power is unknown. Either way, regardless of intent, We The People must protect ourselves from the (un)intended consequences of this language.

This time around, we don’t get to talk in person to the CDC rule makers. We don’t get to influence their vote with our stories and cautionary tales. There is no democracy here. The CDC is acting as our benevolent dictator, and we have to hope that they listen to our comments. If you are concerned about your state and national medical autonomy, please consider taking the following actions:

Be it state mandates, the removal of religious and reasons of conscience exemptions, or national Rules handed down by the government – the CDC wants YOU vaccinated. And they will knock on every state door and even climb down national chimneys to get you. So turn up the fire, boil the cauldron of water, and tell the CDC your medical freedom is not up for dinner.

2 thoughts on “The CDC Wants YOU! (To Be Vaccinated.)”

  1. No, the CDC and government most definitely do not have to have some portion of control in an outbreak. It’s an absurdity, since they so obviously create the alarm themselves, and there’s no legitimacy to their pronouncements or actions.

    The language is confusing, but, as per a discussion with an attorney, there’s no literal mandate to vaccinate included. They can, however, apprehend and detain you until you agree to vaccinate – until you consent – which would be heavy coercion, but, at least by the letter of the proposed changes, they cannot vaccinate you without your consent.

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