Tyranny Tuesday – Dangers of Children’s Rights Legislation

From our May 1, 2018 Facebook Post:


Wondering how to avoid a tragic medical kidnapping scenario like the one we have just witnessed in the UK?

☠️ After California Senator Richard Pan’s mandatory vaccination bill passed (remember, he promised, “I’ll help your state pass this, too”), he set out to pass SB 18 – a “Children’s Bill of Rights”.

☠️ SB 18 aims to remove parental influence in “the care and welfare of the state’s children and youth” in areas such as health care and nutrition.

☠️ SB 18 states, “Bill of Rights for the Children and Youth of California that resolves to invest in all children and youth in order to achieve specified goals, including having ⚠️safe and healthy environments.”⚠️

☠️ The UK has such a law. The Children Act of 1989 affects “children and their basic rights to a ⚠️secure and safe environment.”⚠️

☠️ Notice the similar language in the two? It was the court’s interpretation of this law that lead to the state-endorsed murder of Alfie Evans.

🚨 Anti-parental rights organizations in Texas are publicly calling for recognition of “children’s rights” in response to you claiming parental authority in making medical decisions for your children.

☠️ The pattern goes:
Mandatory Vax Law➡️”Children’s Rights” law➡️Government courts decide when your child lives and dies.


“Is this some fictional, dystopian, totalitarian nightmare? Sadly and shamefully, no…The UK High Court rooted its opinion in the ethical guidance of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, which asserts that “it is no longer in the child’s best interests to continue (living)”…”




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