Tyranny Tuesday – “Don’t Ask, Just Give It!”

From our March 20, 2018 Facebook Post:


☠️ The footage below is from a 2016 panel discussion that took place in New York titled “Achieving Childhood Vaccination Success in the U.S.”

🙊 The panel features several recognizable names that I’m not going to dignify with a mention here, but you are welcome to watch the discussion in its entirety on YouTube.

🤮 However, if you prefer to not lose your lunch or suffer eye strain from the massive amounts of eye rolling you will undoubtedly do at the extreme arrogance and discrimination on display throughout the whole ordeal, we’ll be featuring some of the “highlights” for you over the next several weeks.

🙄 Today’s gem is courtesy of Dr. Carol Baker of Texas Children’s Hospital who apparently isn’t a huge fan of informed consent. In fact, it appears she has nothing but pure disdain for it.

⚠️ Listen below as she describes how she would give your preteen the HPV vaccine whether they (or you) wanted it or not.



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