Tyranny Tuesday – The Agenda Is Revealed

From our February 6, 2018 Facebook Post:


⚠️ In case any of you doubt THEIR end goal, read their own words for yourself. “A MANDATE FOR SCHOOL ENTRY DOES NOT REMOVE YOUR CHOICE.”

🤦‍♂️That statement is so ludicrous, so ignorant, so short-sighted, so TELLING of who they are and how wildly blinded they are by their 💰agenda💰.

Let’s explore exactly what vaccine mandates DO:
😡 Deny legally protected equal access to public education.
😡 Violate the foundational principle of informed consent.
😡 Sanction government-coerced medical procedures.
😡 Sanction religious discrimination by the government.
😡 Promote discrimination & division within a community.

✊ MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLUGGED IN to the TFVC Endorsed Campaign near you! They can’t promote their hateful, discriminatory, ILLEGAL agenda if the legislature is full of liberty-loving representatives and senators!


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