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We Are Ready for the Battle Ahead

Today was the first day to file bills for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, and those that oppose our efforts to preserve YOUR vaccine choice rights are already busy.

SEVEN bills were filed today that would strip away your rights!

It should be of no surprise that Rep. Donna Howard (D) and Rep. Sarah Davis (R) are at the top of the list of individuals who don’t believe YOU are responsible enough to make decision for your family! Rep. Davis goes as far as filing legislation to allow minors to consent for vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease (HB 97). In Texas, not only should parents call the shots, but when you combine minors consenting to their own medical procedures with campaigns such as Kick the Flu, we are headed down a very scary path indeed.

Another scary path these bills would lead down? The same path that led California to pass SB 277 last year, a bill that did away with all religious and personal belief exemptions. For instance, Rep. Howard wants you to submit to physician counseling before opting your children out of immunization requirements (HB 241). Or consider Rep. Davis’ education module bill (HB 126) that would require parents to complete online education before being allowed to submit an exemption. Both bills are stepping stones that would lead Texas down the same path of lost liberties that California parents know too well.

These bills are not only unconstitutional (I don’t need “counseling” when I decline ANY OTHER medical procedure, thank you very much), but also downright UN-Texan (minors consenting to STD vaccines? HELLO!) Do Reps. Davis and Howard really think Texans are going to sit idly by while they attempt to undermine our basic liberties? We will not!

The 85th Session officially starts January 10, 2017, and if the FIRST day to file bills is any indication, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We will need all hands on deck to defeat these bills. Join us today and be on the look out for future emails and action alerts about specific ways YOU can help us preserve and strengthen vaccine choice in Texas. Also be sure to like and follow us on Facebook.

If you haven’t joined our monthly contributors in supporting our efforts, please consider doing so today.

With gratitude,

Rebecca Hardy
Director of State Policy, Texans for Vaccine Choice
Preserving Personal Liberties and Informed Consent

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