What Makes Grass Roots Grow?

Manure… Dung… Cowplop… Meadow muffins…

Fertilizer isn’t pleasant to be around and is made of things humans should just not consume. It is the malodorous waste and breakdown of what was once good. It rots and decomposes. Worms LOVE to play in it. But, when used properly, it has great potential to grow things that have a tremendous capacity to flourish, thrive, and nourish.

Jason Villalba’s political record is so full of cowplop that it makes great fertilizer for grassroots. Moo!

In 2015, Jason Villalba filed multiple bills that were gross violations of our Constitutional rights and civil liberties. He is listed as a “Pro-Life Fraud” by Texas’ top pro-life organization though he claims to be a champion to the unborn. He tried to pass a bill making it illegal to record conversations with legislators! Of ALL things!

Villalba’s vaccine bill, HB2006, was the one that made quite a stink in Texas as far as we are concerned. The intention of the bill was to restrict religious exemptions for vaccinations by only allowing those who have signed

an affidavit signed by the applicant or, if a
minor, by the applicant’s parent or guardian stating that the
applicant declines immunization for a specified and verifiable 
religious-based reason and that the immunization conflicts with the 
tenets and practices of a recognized church or religious 
  denomination of which the applicant is an adherent or member.

Does this sound a little questionable to you? Does it seem to directly VIOLATE the PRIMARY reason America was founded in the first place? Think about that for a moment. Jason Villalba wants you to VERIFY your religion with the state and have the state APPROVE your religious beliefs about vaccinations! I don’t think so.

His crass and pompous attitude toward his concerned constituents over this matter was the reason Texans For Vaccine Choice began and has become one of the most effective movements for vaccine choice in America.

The campaign season following the 84th legislative session was equally as ugly. Many of the “Mad Moms in Minivans” block-walked and poll-watched in attempt to unseat Villalba. With a few more days of block-walking, we probably could have! We scared him, reportedly earned his respect, and were new to the legislative game.



And we were somewhat flattered, but not stupid. Just a few short months later, he started to lay it on thick. Let’s just say he was full of it.


Jason Villalba was letting us know that he plans to remove your medical privacy. Have you read “Parents’ Right to What?” He even retweeted an article calling us “crackpots” whining that he had “really tried” (to violate our rights). Funny that an attorney keeps forgetting that laws are already in place to protect the innocent.


Here, Jason Villalba was letting us know who his donations are coming from. We have looked closely at his campaign donations. He has been significantly bought by the pharmaceutical industry and its high stakes stakeholders. Of course he supports them because he got paid! Little does he realize that sheep will always vote for the hand that feeds them until the day they are slaughtered. Let’s see what happens if he does NOT fight for legislation that violates our personal liberties and informed consent when it comes to vaccine choice. I dare him; I double dog dare him.


Now, this one is laughable and offensive all rolled into one. He calls the women of this movement Playboy Bunnies. I will assume that he is somehow making an awkward reference to Jenny McCarthy. I have a great deal of respect for Jenny McCarthy’s solid efforts to recover her son from vaccine injury. But is she my ring leader? Nope. I have a head on my own two shoulders and can think for myself. When he called us Playboy Bunnies, he meant that to be demeaning and sexist, to appeal to those who just want to play along – to bully and somehow try to take our movement and smash it down, to fit it into his preconceived, stale, worn-out mold. It gets tiresome listening to the repeated media rhetoric.

And then a few short weeks later, Villalba said this:


We are a non-partisan organization and Villalba’s presidential views are not the focus here. Our focus is his sudden “concern” for women when it meets his agenda.

Flashback to the campaign season for the 2017 legislative session and we will see the shockingly unprofessional pattern of behavior. He accused the volunteers at the polls and block-walkers of being liars. He would shout this out to voters as they approached the polls, “They are liars! Don’t listen to them! Whatever they said to you, it’s a lie!” He couldn’t even hear what was said to his constituents. On numerous occasions he called us liars when we showed his constituents HIS OWN VOTING RECORD. Villalba had plenty of his own faults – trust me, we didn’t have to lie even if we wanted to. There was never a reason for deception. In fact, our job was defined by clarifying the half truths he spoon fed to his constituents and the media. He called one poll greeting mom a liar in front of her children. They were markedly distraught by his behavior. They were old enough to know that a man, especially one who holds a dignified position in office, should show respect to a mother and children. The irony is, this woman and her family are fully vaccinated.

Texans For Vaccine Choice is NOT “anti-vaxx.” It is a state-wide, non-partisan organization who’s mission is to promote the preservation of personal liberties and informed consent by opposing measures to limit vaccine choice rights or discriminate against those who exercise such rights. That’s all. And THAT is EVERYTHING you need.

I don’t like to name call people. But I can’t help but have pictures in my head associated with some people or at least their choices in how they show up in the world. Jason Villalba, until he truly sees the light, will remain associated with a meadow muffin, cowplop, manure . Therefore, I will continue to grow and stretch, fight for light, flourish and nourish, because his crap is obviously gonna keep coming.


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