Year in Review 2022

This has been an incredible year! In the last 12 months, the vaccine choice movement has experienced some MASSIVE victories. This just a tiny snapshot of all you have helped us accomplish.

Even with these victories, the coming months will be tough. And we need your help to start off strong. In January, the Texas Legislative Session will begin. We will be fighting every day to protect our medical privacy and ban vaccine mandates.

Millions of Texans still don’t know what rights they have when making important medical decisions. We expect hundreds of inquiries in 2023 from parents needing help applying for vaccine exemptions for their kids. We also expect employers to still try to mandate vaccines on their employees – and we’ll be right there to help these employees fight back!

We have never backed down from a challenge and we aren’t about to start now. Can you chip in $30, $115, or even $500 to stand up for vaccine choice heading into 2023?

Thank you so much for making 2022 a memorable and winning year! We know all of the success on the horizon in 2023 will only happen if we continue to fight and work together.

With you in the battle,

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