Dedicated to Protecting
Vaccine Choice Rights

With the help and guidance of liberty-loving elected officials, Texans for Vaccine Choice is now a political action committee dedicated to protecting vaccine choice rights by ensuring the issue remains at the forefront of political discourse, promoting incumbents and candidates who strongly support our values, and drafting legislation to further solidify these rights. Our 501(c)(4) organization is focused on advocacy and education, which takes the form of fighting against patient discrimination and holding public and private entities accountable for accurately representing vaccine laws and exemption rights.

Going forward, we hope to continue to represent our members, and all others who share our ideals, with dignity, empower people to become politically involved, educate the public, and ensure that vaccine choice remains a right that is free of consequence or interference from government or bureaucracy.

Our Focus on protecting and advancing informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice through influential public policy, quality educational resources, and training to an engaged, connected community.

TFVC Staff


Jackie Schlegel

Executive Director

In 2015, when legislators were led astray and filed oppressive bills that would take away parental rights and vaccine choice, Jackie Schlegel stepped up to the plate, said: “not on my watch,” and threw her hat into the political arena. In just four short years, she took a group of passionate moms and turned it into the epitome of grassroots activism, setting an unprecedented standard for the nation and even drawing worldwide attention. That fledgling group of 20 is now a political action committee and educational foundation, with over 30,000 social media followers and nearly 100,000 official members who proudly align themselves with Texans for Vaccine Choice. Her unshakeable dedication inspires all members to have a laser focus on their mission of protecting and advancing informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice. Jackie is mom to three amazing teenagers.


Regan DeMarines

Legislative Director

Regan has enjoyed careers in varying industries but caught the political bug while attending the weekly Capitol Kids Canvas Days with Texans for Vaccine Choice in the 2019 Legislative Session. She quickly realized she had found a way to combine her talents and her passion in a way that would positively impact Texas families. She is excited to step into her new role as Legislative Director, assist the leadership team, and represent the TFVC members in her role at the capitol and beyond. Regan and her husband enjoy being parents to their beautiful daughter.


Rachel Davis

Communications Director

As a homeschooling mom, the threat of a vaccine mandate for school kids in 2015 would not have directly affected her family. However, she understood that the government overreach would not stop there and knew she must get involved with Texans for Vaccine Choice. She began volunteering in any way she could – from campaigning for TFVC endorsed candidates to eventually creating graphics and printed materials to help spread the message of the importance of vaccine choice. She is proud to be able to make a difference for the cause in her role as Communications Director while helping her husband run the family business and homeschooling her four (soon to be five!) children.


Star Stevens

Member Care Facilitator

Star’s passion for medical freedom and informed consent began when her son was vaccine injured by 3 back-to-school boosters at age 16. As the mother of a vaccine injured child, she has walked the heartbreaking road that too many Texas families now find themselves on. These experiences, along with her sincere heart to serve, make her a natural in her role as Member Care Facilitator. Star is married to Pastor Wes Stevens and has 5 children, ages 11 to 26.

Heather Jones

Office Manager

Heather’s passion for medical freedom began over 10 years ago with the birth of her first child. Her eyes were opened to the imbalanced info given by providers, and the small voice they had in deciding the care they needed for their oldest child with severe health issues.  She is passionate about helping to ensure people have informed consent.  Heather has been a part of the TFVC family for years. She took on a more official role in Spring 2021. She loves that she is able to use her talents to assist TFVC to continue the fight for medical freedom.  She loves spending time with her family and being outdoors. 


Deanne Cox

Data Architect

In her role of Data Architect at Texans for Vaccine Choice , Deanne provides technical assistance, digital solutions, and reports on key organizational activities including advocacy, membership, and outreach. Prior to coming on Team TFVC, Deanne was a very active volunteer in the autism community, connecting families of the newly-diagnosed to life changing resources. Today, Deanne enjoys her new-found love for container vegetable gardening, an endeavor of which her son made a special request, and DIY projects in the home and garage.

TFVC Volunteers

Member Care Coordinators

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