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For Immediate Release: Houston Measles Press Release

Re: Measles Case in Houston, Texas

The Houston Health Department is currently investigating what it describes as a “suspected” case of measles. A boy between the ages of one and three years old has tested positive for measles and is being treated at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. According to the Houston Health Department, the case is believed to have been imported from abroad. Officials are awaiting verification from the CDC before the case can be confirmed. All who had close contact with the child have been notified and no new cases have been reported at this time.

Should this suspected case be confirmed, it will be the eighth case of measles in Texas since January. According to the CDC, the number of cases reported so far this year is within the expected range. 

Related to this case, Texans for Vaccine Choice has received several requests for comment regarding an incident in which a nurse allegedly posted private patient information on social media. While we are unaware of the specific details surrounding this incident, we strongly support patient privacy and believe that violations of it should be taken very seriously. Much like the decision whether or not to vaccinate belongs to the patient (or a minor patient’s parents), so does the patient’s medical information, and we oppose all violations of that privacy.

It is our goal to protect and advance informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice for all Texans, in all situations, at all times.

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1 thought on “For Immediate Release: Houston Measles Press Release”

  1. I remember back in the days when if you took your child to a hospital for measles, you’d have been laughed right out of there!

    My brother caught measles. Our doc confirmed it and we went home and mom treated it the same way you treat a cold or the flu along with trying to comfort the rash. No one saw it as a big deal. Mom had us take turns keeping him company hoping we’d all catch it and get it over with.

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