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Excess Deaths from COVID MRNA Shots Reignite Calls for Informed Consent

A new study, featured in an article in The Telegraph, suggests that mRNA vaccines could be partly responsible for the rise in excess deaths since the pandemic began. The study, conducted across 47 Western nations, found over 3 million excess deaths since 2020. 

This troubling trend persisted even after vaccines and public health restrictions were implemented. Researchers have called these findings “unprecedented” and are urging governments to thoroughly investigate the underlying causes, including the possibility of vaccine-related injuries.

Despite initial dismissal from mainstream media and healthcare professionals, reports of serious adverse events following vaccination have emerged. These include ischemic stroke, acute coronary syndrome, brain hemorrhage, cardiovascular diseases, coagulation issues, gastrointestinal events, and blood clotting disorders. 

The authors from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam have emphasized the need to address these concerns, as both medical professionals and citizens have reported significant injuries and deaths post-vaccination to various official databases. The simultaneous onset of excess mortality and COVID vaccination in countries like Germany is now being scrutinized for further investigation.

In addition to potential vaccine side effects, healthcare restrictions during lockdowns may have also contributed to the rise in excess deaths, according to researchers. Delayed cancer diagnoses, for instance, have been repeatedly warned against by medical professionals like Gordon Wishart, Chief Medical Officer at Check4Cancer. 

These findings underscore the critical importance of informed consent. Everyone should have the right to make educated decisions about their health, free from coercion and with a complete understanding of the potential risks and benefits. Informed consent is a cornerstone of ethical medical practice, ensuring that individuals are fully aware of the implications of medical treatments, including vaccines.

Texans for Vaccine Choice stands firm in advocating for transparency and the protection of personal medical liberties. The recent study serves as a reminder of the need for ongoing scrutiny and open dialogue about vaccine safety.

Upholding the principles of informed consent is crucial. Texans deserve the right to make informed choices about their health without fear of reprisal or misinformation. We can ensure our medical liberty is respected and protected by staying informed and advocating for transparency.

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