Texans for Vaccine Choice

Texans for Vaccine Choice, our 501(c)(4), exists to influence vaccine choice public policy and legislation. 

Our 501(c)(4) tax status for Texans for Vaccine Choice, our domestic non-profit, lapsed in 2018 due to a clerical oversight on our part. We have since learned this is a common occurrence with non-profits that see rapid growth, as the record-keeping demands overwhelm the staffing resources of an entity. After working diligently with our CPA and the IRS to remedy the oversight, our 501(c)(4) status was reinstated retroactively to the date it lapsed.

You can find our reinstated status of good standing by searching “Texans for Vaccine Choice” on either of the following sites:

Certificate of Filing from the Secretary of State

Previous Year’s Tax Returns

2016 can be found HERE.

2017 can be found HERE.

2018 can be found HERE.

IRS Determination

Form 1024-A (Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code) for 501(c)(4) reinstatement can be found HERE.

IRS Letter of Determination: