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Keller, TX. February 17, 2023. Last night, Gov. Greg Abbott gave his State of the State speech, during which he announced his emergency items. No action is taken on any legislation during the first 60 days of session unless the governor designates the policy area as an emergency item.

In response to thousands of Texans calling on him to urgently address restrictions upon their rights to medical privacy, informed consent, and vaccine choice, Abbott called on the Legislature to “prohibit any government from imposing COVID mask mandates [and] COVID vaccine mandates”. Meanwhile, our state languishes under a COVID emergency declaration, which he renewed earlier this week and has vowed to keep in place until the legislature codifies banning these draconian public health mandates.

Prior to the State of the State address, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick released his top 30 legislative priorities, which help steer the action of the Texas Senate. Number 29 was “Banning Local COVID-19 Mandates.”

We deeply appreciate that Abbott and Patrick continue to acknowledge that Texans are not truly free if they are under threat of mandated COVID vaccinations. However, the legislature must pass additional bills that help citizens who are still losing access to jobs and continued employment, to necessary medical treatments such as organ transplants, and to higher education based solely on their vaccination status. Lost in the conversation is also the looming threat of mandates for other vaccines currently on the market, as well as those in development for new or emerging diseases.

Texans for Vaccine Choice will continue to fight to ensure our lawmakers efficiently pass these priorities and additional protective legislation and block any efforts to violate your medical liberty. We cannot accomplish this alone; we need every Texan to stay engaged and follow along here. Stay up to date on all things vaccine choice here.

About Texans for Vaccine Choice
Established in 2015, TFVC exists to protect and advance informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice for all Texans. Learn more about Texans for Vaccine Choice here


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  1. Juanita Ruppelt

    Please remove the mandate on Covid rapid testing also. We know that the Covid testing has false positive results and the virus has never been isolated. My mother was in nursing home in Uvalde tx and we were told we had to wear a mask or we would not able to go in to visit her. My mother was also forced to wear mask everyday too. She only was there for 2months and just passed away 2weeks ago. 😢 Also, I have a love one at the north Texas state hospital in Wichita Falls Texas and we also were told that we can not visit with him unless we take the rapid Covid test first. Why is Our Governor keeping this in place? Stop the HHS from enforcing the testing in these state facilities. This is a violation to our rights. Thank you, Juanita Ruppelt

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