88th Session Bill Lists

Below you will find THREE bill lists: Bills We Support, Bills We Oppose, and Bills We Are Watching. Bills on our watch list could later move to our support or oppose lists depending on any amendments that are made during the legislative process.

You can click on the bill numbers to read the text of the bill and check its progress.

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Bills We Support

HB 44 (Rep. Swanson) and companion SB 303 (Sen. Hall)
Protects Medicaid patients from discrimination by state-funded doctors based on vaccination status

HB 81 (Rep. Harrison) and companion SB 177 (Sen. Middleton)
Protects all Texans from Covid vaccine mandates by providing for informed consent

HB 280 (Rep. Toth)
Requires health care providers to report any potential vaccine-related injury to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

HB 609 (Rep. Vasut)
Protects business owners from liability arising from the exposure of an individual to a pandemic disease

HB 777 (Rep. Vasut)
Prohibits school districts from requiring student COVID-19 vaccination or post-transmission recovery status and from mandating masks

HB 807 (Rep. Harrison)
Requires any changes to school vaccine recommendations to be done by statute only

HB 1015 (Rep. Vasut)
Prohibits businesses that implement COVID-19 vaccination requirements from receiving any state money

HB 1032 (Rep. Noble)
Prohibits vaccination status discrimination and requirements for COVID-19 vaccines

HB 1313 (Rep. Burrows) and companion SB 403 (Sen. Springer)
Commissions the Department of State Health Services to study the short- and long-term side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine

SB 265 (Sen. Perry)
Requires reports of injuries and adverse events from experimental or investigational vaccines and drugs

SB 297 (Sen. Hall)
Requires hospitals to adopt a written policy on patients’ rights, including the right to accept or refuse treatment and the right to informed consent

SB 298 (Sen. Hall)
Requires full informed consent for vaccines administered to a child and holds providers accountable if they fail to obtain consent

SB 301 (Sen. Hall)
Prohibits healthcare providers and pharmacists from being subject to disciplinary action for providing Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, also prohibits pharmacists from disputing the efficacy of those treatments when prescribed by a healthcare provider

SB 302 (Sen. Hall)
Holds employers civilly liable for adverse reactions resulting from a mandated vaccination

SB 305 (Sen. Hall)
Requires vaccine administrators to provide full information regarding each vaccine (including ingredients and risks) and to document any and all adverse events; protects healthcare providers who sign medical exemptions

SB 306 (Sen. Hall)
Allows individuals to choose medical treatments and control measures implemented during an isolation period or quarantine order

SB 307 (Sen. Hall)
Government agencies in Texas may not enforce federal orders that contradict with or do not exist within state law

SB 308 (Sen. Hall)
Protects Texans from discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccination status

SB 309 (Sen. Hall)
Requires the state health department to create a printable brochure with alternative COVID-19 interventions, which practitioners must then provide to patients when administering a COVID-19 viral test

SB 314 (Sen. Hall)
Any food, medical or cosmetic product sold in Texas that is manufactured with or derived from human fetal tissue must be clearly and conspicuously labeled as such

SB 390 (Sen. Hall)
Repeals the current statute which excludes exempted students from school during an outbreak or epidemic

SB 394 (Sen. Hall)
Entitles parents to access all written and electronic health and immunization records for their student

SB 514 (Sen. Hall)
Ends all Texas Medical Board investigations of practitioners who spoke out against masking or recommended alternative COVID treatments, expunges records and reimburses fees

HJR 58 (Rep. Frank)
Proposes a constitutional amendment protecting the fundamental right of parents to raise their children

Bills We Oppose

HB 172 (Rep. Howard) and companion SB 342 (Sen. Zaffirini)
Removes current protection for informed consent before information is put into the vaccine registry

HB 518 (Rep. Wu) and companion SB 77 (Sen. Johnson)
Allows child care facilities to release immunization rates of enrolled children and adult employees

HB 1063 (Rep. Guerra)
Expands the state health department’s requirements to report disaggregated data about immunization uptake during a declared state of disaster

HB 1105 (Rep. Price)
Gives pharmacists and pharmacy technicians the authority to order and administer immunizations and extends the time frame to notify the patient’s physician of vaccination administration from 24 hours to two weeks

SB 641 (Sen. Johnson)
Adds the meningitis vaccine to the list of shots “required” for public school students in Texas

Bills We Are Watching

HB 71 (Rep. Canales)
Establishes a digital identification program

HB 235 (Rep. Howard) and companion SB 160 (Sen. Perry)
Allows pharmacists to dispense certain medications without an established patient-doctor relationship

HB 911 (Rep. Harrison)
Prevents perpetual emergency orders and returns power to the people through their elected representatives in the legislature

HB 989 (Rep. Howard)
Establishes a state plan for preventing and treating human papillomavirus among college students

HB 1047 (Rep. Hinojosa)
Requires transparency for federal funds received in response to a state of disaster declared by the Governor

HB 1155 (Rep. Patterson) and companion SB 393 (Sen. Hall)
Reinforces parents’ rights with regard to physical, emotional and mental health care or support provided to a student while in school

HB 1491 (Rep. Harrison)
Requires any person entering Texas from another country to pass a medical review that is in keeping with any in place for legal residents of the United States

SB 290 (Sen. Johnson)
Creates a state healthcare information network in which medical providers and third party payers voluntarily exchange private medical information, with no requirement for explicit patient consent

SB 299 (Sen. Hall)
Allows hospital patients to receive care from a physician who is not on hospital staff, at the patient’s request

SB 310 (Sen. Hall)
Public health directives issued by the Governor during a declared state of disaster may not be more stringent than those required of undocumented immigrants by ICE

1 thought on “88th Session Bill Lists”

  1. Michelle Williams

    I strongly agree with all bills listed in “bills we support”. Mandatory vaccines need to be stopped!!!! I have two autoimmune diseases and don’t feel there is enough research on the effects of the covid vaccine.

    I strongly agree with Bill Hall on all bills proposed. Hospitals should let patients works with the doctors they chose or get a second opinion from a doctor not affiliated with the hospital.

    I also feel we need to go back to paper ballots. We should have ballots that can not be manipulated electronically.

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