88th Session Bill Lists

Below you will find THREE bill lists: Bills We Support, Bills We Oppose, and Bills We Are Watching. Bills on our watch list could later move to our support or oppose lists depending on any amendments that are made during the legislative process.

You can click on the bill numbers to read the text of the bill and check its progress.

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Bills We Support

HB 44 (Rep. Swanson)
Protects Medicaid patients from discrimination by state-funded doctors based on vaccination status

HB 81 (Rep. Harrison)
SB 177 (Sen. Mayes)
Protects all Texans from Covid vaccine mandates by providing for informed consent

HB 280 (Rep. Toth)
Requires health care providers to report any potential vaccine-related injury to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

HB 609 (Rep. Vasut)
Protects business owners from liability arising from the exposure of an individual to a pandemic disease

HB 777 (Rep. Vasut)
Prohibits school districts from requiring student COVID-19 vaccination or post-transmission recovery status and from mandating masks

HB 807 (Rep. Harrison)
Requires any changes to school vaccine recommendations to be done by statute only

Bills We Oppose

HB 172 (Rep. Howard)
Removes current protection for informed consent before information is put into the vaccine registry

HB 518 (Rep. Wu)
SB 77 (Sen. Johnson)
Allows child care facilities to release immunization rates of enrolled children and adult employees

Bills We Are Watching

HB 235 (Rep. Howard)
SB 160 (Sen. Perry)
Allows pharmacists to dispense certain medications without an established patient-doctor relationship

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