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85th Session: The Senate Recap

While we saw a lot of activity surrounding vaccine legislation in the House this past Session, not a single TFVC-scoreable vote was taken in the Senate. This is a testimony to both the success of our efforts in defeating bad legislation in the House as well as the Senate’s reluctance to take up the few bad vaccine bills that did originate in that chamber.

So, while we do not have data based on actual votes in the Senate, we do have enough information to present to you the Bad Actors and the TFVC Champions from the Senate.

Senator Kel Seliger (R- Panhandle)
Sen. Seliger filed the companion bill to HB 2249. Both of these dangerous bills would have reported vaccination and exemption rates at the campus level. It is the position of TFVC that these bills represent a gross invasion of medical privacy, earning Sen. Seliger his place as a TFVC Bad Actor.

Senator Judith Zaffirini (D- Laredo)
Sen. Zaffirini filed two companion bills. Her SB 2041 would have required a new county-by-county HPV vaccination uptake report. There is no public policy justification for such a report as HPV is not transmitted through general engagement in the community. Her SB 54 would have made enrollment in the state’s immunization registry (ImmTrac) automatic, removing consent protections. Sen. Zaffirini is a TFVC Bad Actor for her insistence in government involvement in individual healthcare decisions.

Senator Konni Burton (R- Fort Worth)
Not only is Sen. Burton an outspoken TFVC supporter, she boldly filed legislation (SB 479) that would have advanced informed consent in Texas. If you know Sen. Burton, you will quickly learn of her love of family and her solid commitment to see the cause of liberty spread throughout Texas!

Senator Bob Hall (R- Sunnyvale)
Sen. Hall welcomed TFVC into his office. He was also one of the only senators to make time to meet with us directly during Session. His staff communicated with us regularly, reiterating their commitment to Texas families. His track record of standing on the side of parents is long and commendable, and he is committed to defending TFVC’s core principles in the Senate.

Senator Don Huffines (R- Dallas)
Sen. Huffines is a champion of informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice in the Senate. His office is always open to us and his commitment to our cause runs deep. He vocally and boldly champions our mission, not just among his fellow senators, but across the state.

Why does this matter?
Of the Bad Actors, Sen. Seliger finds himself in a tough primary campaign, being challenged by TWO fellow republicans. Stay tuned for updates on this race for who TFVC is endorsing and ways YOU can get involved!

Of the TFVC Champions, Sen. Burton will have a general election campaign to win in order to maintain her seat. As for Sen. Hall’s race, you may recall our recent blog where we outline his primary challenger, F-rated Rep. Cindy Burkett, who sat on the Public Health Committee and betrayed families with her yes vote on HB 2249.

These two senators will need our help to win their re-election campaigns. Join and follow TFVC for ways you can actively engage to help send these champions back to Austin to fight for YOU!

View the House Member report cards

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