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Outreach Coordinator Program

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If you are tired of waiting around for someone to come save you from the medical tyranny that surrounds us…

If you desire to be a part of the solution instead of the problems….

If you are tired of exhausting yourself on the trial and error path to effective advocacy and you have 8 hours per month to give…

TFVC’s Outreach Coordinator Program could be for YOU! TFVC Outreach Coordinators, or OCs, are our core group of volunteers that are trained, equipped and activated to reach your community!

Once joining our amazing Outreach Coordinator Program you can expect to:

  • Begin to build community with your fellow OCs immediately through our private group chat. Come and be encouraged, inspired, and supported by like minded peers.

  • Participate in and complete the OC Development Training:
    Training is conducted virtually and initial training consists of 2 live classes that will teach you the “how” and the “what” of effective outreach.

  • Familiarize yourself with the available TFVC OC Development Resources:
    Many valuable resources are available to you as an OC. Our incredible resource drive is quite literally a one-stop-shop for all things outreach.

  • Learn and grow as an advocate during the initial training period. Our Outreach Coordinators all share stories of becoming ‘more’ through this program. TFVC will help you find your unique voice and use it effectively!

  • After initial training, our Outreach Director will work with you to map out an outreach plan that is sustainable, effective, and speaks to your passion. TFVC asks that you complete ONE outreach activity per month (3-6 hours/month).

  • Be well-resourced and supported. We take our commitment to you seriously! All OCs receive a robust TFVC Welcome Kit containing additional tools and support materials prior to graduating from their Effective Advocate training to give your outreach endeavors extra support from the start. All you need to accomplish the task at hand is available to you here through our OC Program, including community support, sound guidance, and encouragement.

  • Be actively appreciated on the regular. We appreciate YOU so much and love to shower our hardworking, wonderful outreach coordinators with limited edition TFVC gear, exclusive OC Events, and opportunities to represent TFVC at fabulous events all over Texas.
If you are looking to help our cause on occasion and not ready to join the OC Program, we are always excited to welcome new volunteers as well. Please click here to complete our volunteer form and our Outreach Director will be in touch with more details. 
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