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Shot Callers Podcast

Ep 19. Dr. McCullough Speaks Out

Ep 18. Dr. Reni Moon and Medical Censorship

Ep 17. Dr. Seema Nanda Discusses Optical Vaccine Injuries

Ep 16. Addressing the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Ep 15. COVID Fallout: Disability and Death Claims

Ep 14. COVID Panic and Birth Work

Ep 13. Don Huffines Loves Liberty!

Ep 12. Year in Review!

Ep 11. Houston ISD Conspires with Houston Health Dept to Push Vaccines on Students

Ep 10. A Discussion on Pet Vaccines

Ep 9. Dr. Henry Ealy’s Grand Jury

Ep 8. COVID Tyranny in Canada

Ep 7. Blaze Media’s Sara Gonzales Takes on Vaccine Choice

Ep 6. Attorney Chris Diamond On Vaccine Exemptions 

EP 5. Mary Talley Bowden Takes On Covid

EP 4. Jennifer Sey Takes On School Closures

EP 3. A Conversation with Mikki Willis

EP 2. A Conversation with Matthew Guthrie

EP 1. Brian Harrison Vs. The Fauci Regime


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