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Top Ten Reasons to Become A Member of Texans For Vaccine Choice!

1. We Are the Epicenter
Texas is known nationwide as the central battleground for the vaccine choice movement. They were able to take California, and have now set their eyes on Texas. TFVC has worked hard to lay a solid foundation & build the proper structure – we are a 501c3, a 501c4, and a registered Political Action Committee. This level of organization combined with our reputation as a legitimate institution affords us unique opportunities to advance your rights in the areas of informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice.

The world is watching what we do — don’t just watch, JOIN!

2. Stronger Together
It’s simple: more members equals more influence. When we approach legislators with our message and we are able to say, “We have ##### members who strongly agree that this issue is their number one priority,” they take notice! BONUS: Not only do our numbers speak to our current and future allies, they also serve as a strong message to the opposition that we are a FORCE to reckon with.

Drive home the point that you have messed with the wrong people! JOIN US!

3. Be a Part of the Fastest Growing Political Organization in Texas
One of the things we hear most often is that the level of growth and influence we have worked so hard to achieve is unprecedented. No other organization has enjoyed the rapid rate of growth in its formative years that TFVC has achieved. This clearly speaks to the passion of our members, to the way which our message resonates with people of all demographics, and has earned the respect and cooperation of other well-established organizations in the state and across the country.

Exciting things are happening! Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the movement!

4. Our Growth Speaks Volumes
Help us CONTINUE this growth and CONTINUE sending the relentless message of “We won’t back down!” Our growth speaks VOLUMES to the opposition. Help keep them up at night seeing that they have met their match in this group of passionate people coming together to affect change. We are not only protecting, but advancing our agenda to ensure THEIR efforts will not infringe on YOUR rights.

Add your voice to the message! BECOME A MEMBER!

5. Be In-the-Know
So, you follow our Facebook page, but aren’t a member? You are missing out! We make it a priority to continuously communicate with our members. We want you to be fully informed on all of the issues that affect you. You will receive monthly newsletters that report on TFVC current events and include personal updates and letters from Director Jackie Schlegel and Director of State Policy Rebecca Hardy. You will be alerted to all volunteer opportunities within the organization as well a kept up-to-date on all the latest legislative happenings — no more guessing game in the sometimes confusing world of Texas politics — get the info straight from the source!

Find that you often miss TFVC events and gatherings? Become a member and you will receive calls, emails, and text invites to all events in your area — never miss out again!

6. We Can Help You Be An Effective Advocate
Don’t know how to call your representative? Block walking? Write your senator? Effectively communicate our message to others? Never fear, we’re here to help! We equip our members with training videos, instructional emails,  as well as detailed area-specific action alerts so that you have all of the resources you need to join us on the forefront of the vaccine choice movement.

We are here to empower you! JOIN US!

7. We Are All-Inclusive
Not a parent? Follow the current CDC childhood vaccine schedule? Don’t live in Texas? NO PROBLEM! The vaccine choice issue is a human rights issue and it affects all of us! Federal adult vaccine mandates are a very real threat, and that means we all have a dog in this fight! Our members are a picture of our country — spanning all social and economic demographics.

We have a place for you — JOIN US!

8. Membership Is Free and Easy
Becoming a member of Texans for Vaccine Choice is quite honestly the most simple thing you can do to support the cause. Our membership list is completely confidential and there is no cost to join, no dues to pay.

Simply fill out this form to join!

9. Get Connected
We have worked incredibly hard to build strong partnerships with legislators who share our common goal of advancing individual liberties. As a member of TFVC, your voice will NOT go unheard thanks to the strong relationships we have formed with our Champion Legislators and to our reputation as a well-educated, reasonable group of citizens advocating for ourselves and our families.

Amplify your influence by BECOMING A MEMBER!

YOU are the driving force behind Texans for Vaccine Choice.
YOU have a purpose in this organization.
YOU have a role to play in this movement.
YOU are sending a message to the nation with your membership.

YOU are Texans for Vaccine Choice — JOIN US TODAY!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to Become A Member of Texans For Vaccine Choice!”

  1. If you aren’t a member already, Join Us! And share this site with everyone you know.

    Texans are waking up to what is happening regarding legislation that may affect our bodies, our babies, and our constitutional and human rights.

    This summer, one Big Pharma conglomerate, Merck, announced it may be moving a new IT center to Austin. And, to help their decision, Governor Greg Abbott’s office announced that the state will extend a $6 million Texas Enterprise Fund grant to the company, and the Austin City Council approved a $856,000 city tax incentive package in April.

    Get involved a little, or a lot. Become truly informed. Experience the powerful feeling of influencing change that creates legislation that protects our freedoms.

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