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Who We Are

My dad has always cautioned me to be aware of the fact that although perception and reality are two very different things, that difference often does not matter in the real world. A person’s perception IS reality to them, no matter how far removed from the truth.

It should be no surprise that there are those out there who seek to shape public perception for their own gain. All that is needed to gain whatever they are seeking – money, power, influence, etc. – is to ensure that the majority of people see things in ways that benefit them.

Public behavior and attitudes are easily shaped when you identify an enemy and marginalize it, present that enemy as somehow a threat to the public, and then present yourself/your idea/your product as the solution. You must influence public perception of you, the enemy, and the solution as much as possible, no matter the reality.

In order for those that profit from promoting mass vaccination to gain more money, more power, more influence, etc., they must identify the thing that stands in their way, label it the enemy and marginalize it, and present it as somehow a threat to the public. They must influence public perception of themselves, the enemy, and their solution, no matter the reality.

If you are a person who values informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice, the enemy is YOU. You must be marginalized, made to be a threat to the public, no matter the reality.

How must you be perceived in order for their reality to take hold?

Playboy Bunny
Conspiracy Theorist
Bad Parent
Bad Citizen

Voila! You have been labeled and marginalized! No one is going to listen to crazy, selfish, anti-science, bad parent YOU.

What is Playboy Bunny, fanatical, crackpot you’s threat to the public?

You are a threat to public health.
You carry disease.
You spread disease.
You are a threat to their mythical, never-existent herd immunity.
You kill babies.
You kill cancer patients.
You’re going to bring back polio.
You want to dismantle modern medicine.
You will cause society to collapse.
You can’t be around my newborn.

And most importantly, YOU DON’T CARE AT ALL about any of it and you must be stopped!

Since conspiracy theorist, reckless, uneducated you is a threat to society, herd immunity, babies, and modern medicine, and YOU DON’T CARE AT ALL, there is only one way to stop you: forced compliance.

And the masses will cheer all the way because this perception is their reality. But what is THE reality?

Who are we REALLY? We are…

Current Vaxxers
Delayed Vaxxers
Health Conscious
Highly Educated
Healthcare Professionals
Truth Seekers
Devoted Parents
Vaccine Injured
Warrior Parents
Warrior Siblings
Socially Conscious

What do we want for ourselves and the rest of the population? We want transparency from the medical and scientific communities. We want honesty in the media. We want our fellow citizens to be healthy and prosperous. We value integrity, justice, and individuality.

“Let that sink in for a minute: the ‘Anti-Vax Crackpots’ (an actual term used by the media) are largely the people who showed up, followed the rules without question, vaccinated according to schedule and then their children were permanently harmed. They are not the tin-foil-hat-wearing-anti-science-moms this PR campaign would have everyone believe. The rest of the ‘Crackpots’ are those who saw it happen to others and, as a result, were inspired to do their own research before blindly consenting to the CDC’s bloated schedule. Once they have researched and learned that chronic illnesses, permanent disabilities and deaths are all acknowledged and listed as potential side-effects on vaccine package inserts, some parents have chosen to forgo some or all future vaccines for their children. Others vaccinate selectively or slower than what the CDC would want. All of these folks are lumped under the polarizing ‘Anti-Vax’ label and made out to be a selfish, societal threat.”                                – From Sticks and Stones (TFVC blog by Sunny Polito)

We don’t have a secret agenda. We don’t have a profit to earn or power to gain. Many of our children could be considered the canaries in the coal mine – they have stories and we want you to hear them. We have warnings, and we want you to heed them.

We have a mission – and we want you to join us.

2 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. Millions and millions and millions of children have been vaccinated with ZERO issue or side effect, and those diseases have loosened their grip on ALL of society. The amount of children injured from a vaccine among those who had nothing negative happen is a FAR SMALLER percentage than if we just didnt vaccinate anyone and let viruses and diseases run wild.

    But, you are right and “provided fault” in your own logic in the closing sentence of your opening paragraph….

    “A person’s perception IS reality to them, no matter how far removed from the truth.”

    Your perception is Your reality, and just because you accept it as truth doesnt mean you arent removed from it either.

    Id rather 20 children die and 999,999,980 live than to have all out plagues and mass infections. There will never be a world where ALL children, or any living thing for that matter, are 100% safe and guaranteed a full long life.

    Some baby turtles make it to the beach, some dont. Some baby monkeys make it to become Alpha, some are killed and even eaten at weeks old by invading Alphas.

    So, again, at risk of sounding cold… which IS the truth of Life on this planet… some children must die for the greater good of the rest.

    No mother wants to hear or consider that, but its true.

    So, keep skipping those vaxxes, and keep rolling the bigger dice with your childrens lives.

    This isnt aimed at you, but all antivaxxers.

    1. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, you poor uneducated soul…”Millions and millions and millions of children have been vaccinated with ZERO issue or side effect, and those diseases have loosened their grip on ALL of society.”
      In point of fact, millions of children (and adults) were not only vaccinated for smallpox globally for nearly two centuries; but the vaccine caused outbreaks of smallpox, other adverse reactions, permanent damage, and deaths. In the 30-50 years immediately preceding discontinuation of smallpox vaccination, occurrence and mortality was already on a sharp decline. Why? Because of huge SOCIETAL trends upward in public wastewater treatment, sanitation, water quality, food quality & access, better nutrition, etc. Vaccines didn’t (and don’t) have sweet FA to do with infant and child mortality rates in the U.S. as related to measles, whooping cough, scarlet fever, smallpox, chicken pox, diphtheria, and many other diseases. Do yourself a favor and read a book…”Disolving Illusions” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries

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