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NUMEROUS protective bills (SB 177, SB 265, SB 301, SB 403, SB 426, SB 1024) will be heard in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee THIS Wednesday, March 22, 2023! 


1- Email the Committee Members

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


Dear Senator,

I am writing to you today to ask you to please VOTE YES to pass SB 177, SB 265, SB 301, SB 403, SB 426, SB 1024 favorably out of the Health & Human Services Committee on Wednesday, March 22.

These bills all work together to increase vaccine safety transparency, strengthen informed consent, and defend your right to vaccine choice.

Thank you,

Or use your own personal experience in your email to the committee regarding your experience with vaccine mandates (COVID-19 or others) or violations of your informed consent.

2- Call the Committee Members 

Chairwoman Kolkhorst* – 512-463-0118
Vice-Chair Perry – 512-463-0128
Sen. Blanco – 512-463-0129
Sen. Hall – 512-463-0102
Sen. Hancock – 512-463-0109
Sen. Hughes – 512-463-0101
Sen. LaMantia – 512-463-0127
Sen. Miles – 512-463-0113
Sen. Sparks – 512-463-0131

*Feel free to add a special thank you in your calls to Chairwoman Kolkhorst for calling the hearing

3- Submit Written Testimony

(The window for this option has now closed.) If you are unable to attend the hearing but would like to submit written testimony to be turned in by a TFVC representative at the committee hearing, please email your testimony no later than noon on Tuesday, March 21 to Michelle at [email protected].


The hearing begins Monday at 8:30am, but we have been told the above bills will be heard in the afternoon. Please still plan to arrive at or before 8 a.m. in order to either register a position or to give oral testimony. 

1- Register for the Bill without Giving Oral Testimony – Quick, painless, and EFFECTIVE!

Come to the capitol on Wednesday between 8-10am (extremely time sensitive!) and use either your personal tablet or the kiosk outside the Senate Chambers to register FOR the bills. If you use your personal tablet, you must be connected to Capitol WiFi to be able to register. There will be a TFVC volunteer holding a red TFVC tote bag in the rotunda to assist you in registering. Learn more about the registration process here.

2- Provide Oral Testimony for the Bills

Ready to dive into testifying orally during a hearing? We make it easy! Promise! Write your own two-minute testimony  or we can provide speaking notes for you. We encourage you to pick ONE of the bills to testify on to ensure a more efficient hearing. 

Email Michelle today to get more information about submitting oral or written testimony: [email protected].


  1. During the past COVID fear mongering I have remained unafraid, unvaxxed and heathy. I have had several opportunities to observe others in ny local ER which I am there for liver related issues often being admitted for weeks at a time. Doctors have been stiff-lipped about the hordes of people in the ER. I have asked nurses if people were suffering from COVID or the VACCINE. Unsurprisingly, most would whisper a response of vaccine complications. I have remained unmasked, unvaxxed, do not practice social distancing and unafraid. Even though I have several autoimmune diseases my wife and I have remained unaffected. It’s been over two years and we haven’t even had a cold, flu or anything else. Currently, I won’t get any vaccines out of fear that they will slip that poison vax in with other proven vaccines – I DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERMENT!

    1. God Bless you and your family!! I stand in total agreement and unity concerning everything covid and AGAINST THIS GOVERNMENT TYRANNY!!!

    2. Good for you, I’m glad too here that you stand for you and your wife. Myself and my wife feel the same as you do. I believe in GOD and he will take of use.

    3. I understand. Same here. No vaccine and no masks or social distancing. Over 65 and reasonably healthy. No virus either. Only one I trust is God for He is always faithful.

    4. I understand. I still remain unvaxed and healthy at 70 yrs old. Too many say trust the science. When they can’t admit what a woman is, they lost me there entirely. Living in a looney bin of perversion.

  2. Glad to have a voice on these issues that are important to me and my family. We all have a voice. Let’s use it.

  3. Texas should be a leader in the fight against the powerful BigPharma! We should be a leader and pass a NO MANDATES law! No citizen of Texas should be mandated to accept a medical
    procedure of any kind, including any vaccine, in order to attend school, day care, work, or serve in the military.

  4. Never bought into the covid nonsense aka scamdemic. They have yet to be able to PROVE there is a viral particle that can be named as covid. Where-as the first few months – the people very well may have been poisoned by flu shots and other ways – there are numerous cases of samples from blood, urine and feces that shows VENOM from various snakes. YES Snake VEnom poisoning. This is still a very small percent. Most cases of so called covid were only flus/colds/bronchitis/pneumonia – and made worse by the push of face diaper aka face masks (this forced on many) in their jobs, at medical visits and schools. Then the roll out of the only approved concoction of medicine known as remdesivir – highly deadly and causing the forced use of vents. I never wore a mask, never tested, never got the jab and did not social distance. Only stayed home when nothing was open to go to. I had 2 minor detox colds, which were less sever than colds I have had in previous years. Colds are easily cured with many types of natural remedies. Time for EVERYONE in our Government, our State and all businesses to say – NO! No shut downs Ever again. NO – No masks EVER again. NO – to ANY forced vaccines, including the ones on the list for school admission. These things MAKE kids autistic, mentally unstable, dumb them down, and make them develope an assortment of other allergies and diseases.

    1. Sandra, I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s so refreshing to see like minded, intelligent, critical thinking people, instead of mindless, vaccinated zombies. We need to end all vaccine mandates. They are making our kids sick.

    2. I understand. Government is overstepping their boundaries and treading on the people in our country.
      No shot, no masks, no closing down of businesses, especially small businesses.

  5. Robert L (Bob) Green

    FYI: SB 29 (by Birdwell) passed out of the Senate State Affairs Committee today (at their 2 PM meeting)…passed to the full Senate with a recommendation that it do pass. The sad part is that it only passed 7-3 along party lines with the 3 Democrats present voting against the Bill…even though it’s been PROVEN that masks, mask mandates and lockdowns didn’t work. All were ineffective in stopping CV-19 infection and transmission. In my view, that’s being “stuck on stupid.”

      1. Robert L (Bob) Green

        From the overload, the far western part of the state would probably break off at the San Andreus fault line and fall into the sea … Obviously, I’m joking, but that would be a good thing, right?. The entire southern portion of CA is “fubarb!”… both politically, morally and economically.

    1. They have no common sense. Sad how far people have allowed tyrannical government to get out of control. Time to take back our lives. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. May God protect us all

  6. I do NOT support using the COVID 19 Vaccine. They should stop giving this vaccine NOW! It’s killing, and will be killing more people. I myself had COVID a year ago this last January. I took IVERMECTIN and recovered fine! It should be mandated that doctors in Texas should be allowed to use ivermectin and HCQ as a cure. The Doctors should NOT have to worry about loosing their license from providing these prescriptions. And oh…. BTW I was 68 when I had COVID. Ivermectin WORKS!!!!

  7. I’m 78 years old and experienced the swine flu many years ago only after receiving the live culture vaccination that was available at the time. (circa early 1960’s) I have elected to not receive any vaccinations since and have not had any of the various claimed flu epidemics since. Speaking for myself, I do not adhere to and will not comply with government mandates when it comes to health concerns. My health is between me and my Dr. not some elected bureaucrat that is influenced by special interest groups and lobbyists.

    1. May common sense prevail. I understand I’m 70 years old and plan on staying healthy without the help of bureaucrats who are nothing but know it all’s.

  8. I tried in earlier email from u to copy all the email addresses and paste into one email for all but it did not work. Evidently one in the list was wrong. With such a long list this option is needed. Most people either don’t have the time or won’t take the time to send so many individual emails or make multiple calls.
    Consider ways to make it easier for your supporters. I know you’re working hard and doing God’s work. I appreciate that immensely. This is in no way meant as criticism. Like me. I’m 81 years old. My energy level is low so getting done what I HAVE to do is hard.

    Thank you.

  9. I understand. I still remain unvaxed and healthy at 70 yrs old. Too many say trust the science. When they can’t admit what a woman is, they lost me there entirely. Living in a looney bin of perversion.

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