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Harrison Butker vs Travis Kelce

With Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker in the news, it’s the perfect time to highlight his bold stance for medical liberty in the NFL. When the league was pushing players to take the COVID-19 vaccine, Harrison stood firm in his beliefs and refused, risking his career to uphold his principles. 

Harrison Butker is a three-time Super Bowl champion, the record holder for the longest field goal in a Super Bowl, and Georgia Tech’s all-time leading scorer. His courageous decision to prioritize personal freedom and medical autonomy over league mandates is a testament to his character and conviction. 

In stark contrast, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, another high-profile player, has taken a very different approach. Kelce has openly supported big pharmaceutical companies, appearing in non-stop television advertisements for Pfizer.

In response to the NFL COVID mandates, despite reportedly being skeptical initially, he said he felt it was “the right thing to do” and that the vaccine helps “fight the disease so it’s not as deadly”. 

While Butker has risked his career to stand by his principles and advocate for personal medical liberty, Kelce has chosen to align himself with major pharmaceutical interests. Kelce’s decision to endorse Pfizer and participate in their advertising campaigns shows he is focused on corporate profits over personal integrity.

As the NFL continues to navigate these contentious issues, it’s clear that players like Harrison Butker, who stand firm in their convictions, are deserving of our admiration and respect. Meanwhile, players like Travis Kelce who align with big pharmaceutical companies should rethink what example they are setting for the millions of young fans who look up to them..

TFVC applauds Butker’s courage and integrity; he stands as a true champion not just on the field but in the realm of personal rights and medical liberty.

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