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Medical Liberty Champion: Senator Mayes Middleton

Previously a member of the House of Representatives and former Chairman of the Texas Freedom Caucus, Mayes Middleton is serving his first term in the “upper chamber” where he continues to prioritize medical liberty for Texans. He is shepherding SB 177, The Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act, through the Senate and has gotten SB 175, which would ban taxpayer-funded lobbying, through to the House already. Texans for Vaccine Choice proudly supports both efforts, both of which strengthen informed consent and promote accountability and transparency. Additionally, Senator Middleton has co-authored SB 29 to ban government COVID-related restrictions and closures, and is championing parental rights in a multitude of bills. Senator Middleton’s strong defense of the rights of Texans to decline vaccinations for themselves or their children makes him a TFVC Champion! 

1 thought on “Medical Liberty Champion: Senator Mayes Middleton”

  1. julie whitaker

    Looking forward to watching SB 177 pass and see that medical freedom for healthcare workers is insured n the state of Texas!

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