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Pledge Signers – Post Primary

Congratulations to all of the winners, and to those who fought hard for their candidates but came up short, don’t give up because… 

It was a great night for medical freedom and vaccine choice in the state of Texas!

It was your questions at the polls that prompted many candidates to sign on to the Pledge during Early Voting. When you ask, as constituents, they listen. Keep asking!

We must continue to get all candidates and elected officials to commit to signing the Pledge and get them on the record supporting medical freedom and vaccine choice. We will redouble our efforts ahead of the Primary Runoff Election to ensure voters are informed of those results.

We’ll also be rolling out our local election efforts ahead of the May elections for school boards and city councils that take place around the state. As we saw during the last 2 years, these local entities often enforced the strictest mandates.

Moving on to the General Election!

  • Keith Self for District 3
  • Pat Fallon for District 4
  • Sid Miller Agriculture Commissioner
  • Julie Pickren for State Board of Education #7
  • Phil King for Senate District 10
  • Mayes Middleton for Senate District 11
  • Westley Wright for Senate District 20
  • Julie Dahlberg for Senate District 21
  • Bryan Slaton House District 2
  • Steve Toth House District 15
  • Candy Noble House District 89
  • Tony Tinderholt House District 94
  • Taylor Mondick for House District 95
  • Michelle Evans for House District 136
  • Valoree Swanson District 150
  • Lauren Davis for Dallas County Judge
  • Henry “Hank” Whitman, Jr. for Wilson County Judge
  • Chad Carpenter for Kendall County Commissioner Precinct 4
  • Kyle Scott for Harris County Treasurer

Headed to a Runoff!

  • Sandra Whitten for US Congressional District 28
  • Ellen Troxclair for House District 19
  • Terri Leo Wilson for House District 23
  • Patrick McGuinness for House District 52
  • Richard D. Hayes for House District 57
  • Mike Olcott for House District 60
  • Paul Chabot for House District 61
  • Carrie Isaac for House District 73
  • David Glasheen for House District 84
  • Carl Tepper for House District 84
  • David Lowe for House District 91
  • Nate Schatzline for House District 93
  • Mark Dorazio for House District 122
  • Shelley Barineau for House District 133
  • Shane Stolarczyk for Kendall County Judge

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