PRESS RELEASE: January 4, 2022

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AUSTIN, TX  – Texans seeking state and local office are standing up against mandates and committing themselves to action.

Over the past few weeks, over 40 candidates for office have signed the Vaccine Mandate Protection Pledge sponsored by Texans for Vaccine Choice. The Pledge commits signers to “vigorously work to prohibit all vaccine mandates in Texas, including those imposed by both public and private businesses, and support a special session to do so immediately.”

All current elected officials and candidates seeking office in Texas are welcome to sign the pledge. A pledge can be submitted or downloaded at

“Now more than ever, Texans need leaders committed to protecting their healthcare freedom and livelihoods in the face of federal and private vaccine mandates,” said Christine Welborn, TFVC Board President.

“I strongly encourage every candidate for federal, state, and local elective office to sign the Pledge,” Welborn continued.

The full list of pledge signers is available at

Texans for Vaccine Choice was established in 2015 by grassroots Texans concerned by government overreach into our private medical choices. TFVC is proud to lead the way in protecting and advancing informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice.


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