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Proposition 8 Passed!

Fantastic news! 

Proposition 8 has overwhelmingly passed with an impressive 91.57% of the vote, marking a resounding victory for medical liberty in Texas. This remarkable level of support underscores the strong commitment of Texans to safeguarding vaccine choice and informed consent.

Such an overwhelming mandate from the voters sends a powerful message to both the Republican Party of Texas and to elected officials at all levels of government, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing legislation that protects Texans’ right to make their own choices about vaccines without any form of coercion.

As a reminder, Proposition 8 said, “The State of Texas should ensure that Texans are free to give or withhold consent for any vaccine without coercion.” In simpler terms, this measure compels the GOP to prioritize the creation of legislation (perhaps even a Constitutional amendment) to protect the fundamental right of Texans to choose which vaccines they take, if any, and possibly to punish those who coerce or force Texans to take a vaccine. 

Texans for Vaccine Choice played a crucial role in advocating for Proposition 8 by mobilizing grassroots support and urging voters to get to the polls. The dedication and perseverance of medical liberty fighters like you undoubtedly contributed to this historic victory. TFVC is deeply grateful for the commitment and passion of our supporters and the impact they consistently have on the political landscape and future of Texas.

While this is a major victory, we must keep the pressure on! If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for our newsletter here to stay up to date on all of the latest vaccine choice updates.

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