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Representative Gene Wu Wishes COVID Related Deaths on Republicans

Tyranny squad member Gene Wu took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to suggest that he is fine with COVID related deaths, so long as they disproportionately happen to Republicans. 

In his disgusting X tirade, Wu cites weak surveys alleging that “red” counties had more COViD deaths than “blue” because of a distrust in the vaccine program. He omits the data that says the rates of boosted individuals are identical in typically Republican and historically Democrat areas and doesn’t mention that political affiliation isn’t a box checked by doctors or medical examiners.

Not satisfied with making blanket deathwish statements, he directed his ire toward a Texan from Ector County, pointing at that area’s COVID death rate. It’s worth noting that Ector County’s population is 44.3% “fully vaccinated” (4% boosted) while Wu’s Harris County is over 65% fully jabbed (11% boosted). Current weekly COVID admissions per 100,000 residents in Harris County is over twice that of Ector’s. Follow the science, Wu.

Wu’s distasteful and repugnant remarks come as the authoritarian class has begun beating the drum for mandated jabs and other draconian measures, all in response to a small uptick in COVID cases in various pockets of the country. He is shameless in his attempt to politicize a virus.

After receiving astounding pushback from medical liberty advocates (of all political parties), Wu doubled down on his revolting take.

Wu, an attorney representing a portion of Harris County, does not countenance data that points to vaccine injuries and deaths that have occurred because of the COVID vaccine. For instance, Pfizer knew giving the vaccine to pregnant mothers created a substantial risk of miscarriage and that giving the shot to young males increased their likelihood of developing myocarditis

These risks underscore the fact that Texans should have the right to make their own decisions when it comes to their vaccine choices, especially after witnessing an astonishing number of reported injuries related to the COVID jabs.

Wu and his ilk are persistent in their pursuit of removing Texans’ right to informed consent and using the power of the state to force Texans to jab up, don masks and lock down.

Regardless of the current COVID conspiracies Wu is trying to push, the fact remains that fully vaccinated people still die of the disease. This is yet another example of why we must continue the fight for vaccine choice and informed consent. Learn how you can help TFVC ban vaccine mandates here. 

5 thoughts on “Representative Gene Wu Wishes COVID Related Deaths on Republicans”

  1. Please continue to push back on shots, boosters, etc.

    We are seeing that almost all one what the fanatics told us is false. “Certainly, without a co-morbidity one should not EVEN consider the shots if under 50 and for most under 65
    it is not needed.

    Aside from being a jerk, Politicians like this have no scientific background upon which they can rely to make their comments worthwhile.

  2. This “representative” of Texas and Texans needs to be voted out of office for his inflammatory remarks, his science ignorance, his lack of knowledge of the facts surrounding the vaccine that it can injure and even kill people, does nothing for transmission or even protect a person from getting the virus. Meanwhile, the virus itself has a death rate below 1%! He clearly is yet another government shill for the Pharma companies. Recognize these heathens for the greedy fools they are and VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  3. Wu’s comments are proof that he is in dire need of factual education on Covid 19 and the vaccines. We need intelligent, well informed people to represent us in government. Mr Wu is not among them.

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