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STUDY: Masking Fails in Stopping the Spread

Fear mongering and lies have dictated the way many Amercians live their lives, but here are the facts:

Vaccine mandates don’t work. 

We’ve been saying this for years.

In his research, Vitor Melo found that there is “no evidence” vaccine mandates changed individual perspective on taking the shot. The postdoctoral fellow from George Mason University continued on to say the mandates turned out to be more ineffective than he originally thought. 

Not only did the mandates not work, but they damaged communities. For instance, many small businesses, local restaurants and the like faced staffing problems, lost customers and had to shut their doors due to forced medical tyranny. 

“My research finds that there’s no evidence that implementing the mandates affected people’s behaviors of getting vaccinated.”

In New York City alone, 90% of restaurants lost customers due to opposition to their mandates and three-quarters faced understaffing issues. 1,430 workers were fired for boldly objecting to this attack on their medical freedom. 

Public health restrictions, infringements on freedom, and unconstitutional breaches of personal rights are not only immoral, but completely useless. Covid tyranny cannot continue to control the way Americans live. 

We must stand up against any and all attacks on medical liberty. Texans for Vaccine Choice will always be on the frontlines of this fight. 

As we head further into the legislative session here in Texas, we will continue to put pressure on our elected officials to pass bills that help citizens who are still losing their jobs. And, we will hold big pharma and the Austin establishment accountable. Medical tyrants will not win!

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