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SUCCESS: TFVC’s 5th Freedom Fight & Rally

Another year, another successful Freedom Fight & Rally at the Texas State Capitol!

Last week, HUNDREDS of TFVC supporters gathered together on the south lawn of the Capitol to help set the tone for the 88th legislative session.

Attendees heard from TFVC’s President Rebecca Hardy, Board VP Angie Lemmons, Exec Director Christine Welborn, and Legislative Director Michelle Evans as well as frontline advocates for medical liberty.

Small town physician Dr. Danielle Gamboa and chiropractor and medical researcher Dr. Bryan Ardis shared their efforts to treat their patients despite lockdowns and tyrannical edicts that came between them and their patients. Their Covid protocols saved lives.

Priscilla Romans, RN saw people bullied in hospitals and a need for patient advocates. So she started Graith Care to fight for individuals at their most vulnerable.

Jennifer Bridges, RN told her story of how she and so many other brave providers stood strong against mandates and formed Guardians of Medical Choice after filing a lawsuit against Houston Methodist in May of 2021 because of their forced vaccination policy.

Laura Cox, 33 year veteran pilot for United Airlines and one of the founders of Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom, spoke about standing up when airlines demanded Covid jabs.

Nancy Acevedo also took action against mandates. She represented Feds for Medical Freedom, Dallas Fort Worth Chapter. The organization’s current legal efforts resulted in a nationwide injunction that prevented the mass firing of federal employees opposing vaccine mandates for religious or medical reasons.

Former Lt Col Brandi Barnard King and Retired Lt Col and Doctor Pete Chambers recounted their struggles in the military. Brandi served honorably as an officer and a pilot in the United States Air Force Reserve for nearly 20 years. Yet she was terminated after voicing her sincerely held religious beliefs which precluded her from accepting the emergency use authorization Covid Vaccine.

Pete joined the army in 1983 and served for a career spanning 39 years. He is a graduate of the Special Forces Qualification Course, earning the Green Beret. “Doc” has multiple combat tours, deploying in the capacity of Special Operations Flight Surgeon and Green Beret officer conducting missions around the globe. Most recently, he served in the Texas Air National Guard (ANG) protecting our borders, but experienced a personal vaccine injury following the Covid vaccine mandate. After understanding the risks firsthand, he began providing informed consent to his troops. He also became a whistleblower and provided evidence for a US Senate hearing regarding the illegal vaccine mandate. For doing so, he was threatened with punitive measures which resulted in his retirement from the Service. 

Legislators that spoke include Representatives Schatzline, Tinderholt, Harrison, Slaton, and Vasut (in absentia) and Senators Kolkhorst, Middleton, and Hall. Attorney General Ken Paxton and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller sent statements of support to be read during the rally as well.

Texans from far and wide came out to the Freedom Fight & Rally to set the tone for the session while several publications and news stations were present to cover the rally.

TFVC activists made it clear that this is the year that vaccine choice, informed consent, and Medical Liberty wins.

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