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Top Ten Reasons to Support Vaccine Choice

toptenWhether you are following the CDC’s recommended childhood vaccination schedule by getting all of your boosters, following a delayed vaccination schedule carefully planned by you and your doctor, or foregoing vaccinations altogether, Texans for Vaccine Choice supports your right to choose! Here are ten reasons we believe everyone should support vaccine choice:

1. Vaccination is an irreversible medical procedure that carries known risks.

There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” or “risk-free” when it comes to health care and medicine. Ever notice how many TV commercials there are for class-action lawsuits related to medications or medical devices that were thought to be proven safe and effective in clinical trials but ended up causing devastating injuries or death (more on this later)? It is unethical to mandate an entire population subject themselves to a medical procedure by threatening loss of employment or civil liberties. This type of legislation is tyrannical and has no place in our free society.

2. Anti-choice mandates violate parental rights.

Parents have the right to make all decisions regarding the care and safety of their children. It is the parents’ responsibility to weigh all pros and cons when it comes to any aspect of their child’s health and medical care. Parents know what is best for their individual children. Anti-choice vaccine mandates remove parental discretion and violate the child’s right to have an invested legal advocate for their individualized care.

3. Anti-choice mandates violate civil liberties.

Your right to bodily integrity, your right to unrestricted access to public services, your right to medical privacy — all are lost or significantly eroded once medical mandates are in place. A new type of social discrimination known as “medical discrimination” is attempting to establish itself in our society and we must stand against it. Once a freedom is lost, it is nearly impossible to regain. Great care must be taken to maintain our civil liberties and ensure equality for all citizens.

4. Mandated medical procedures degrade modern medicine and destroy the foundations of our health care system.

Our current medical model is based on the essential ideal of “informed consent.” It is a foundational element of patient protection requiring three components for its existence: disclosure, capacity, and voluntariness. A mandated medical procedure violates all three of these requirements and sets a dangerous precedent. When you give up the power to choose what can be done to your body — in this case what can be injected into you or your child’s body — you are no longer a free, autonomous, sovereign individual. Where mandates exist, informed consent cannot. They are, by nature, opposing ideals. The beginning of mandated medical procedures is the end of modern, civilized medical care.

5. Not so safe and effective.

We have all heard the “safe and effective” mantra of the anti-choice crowd so much so that it now borders on propaganda. Their claim that vaccines are 100% safe and effective for all people all of the time is not based in science and is not supported by facts or evidence, making it more of a religious belief than an adequate basis for their mandate argument. This does not seem to stop them from using it as their primary justification for robbing you of your medical freedom of choice and informed consent. The CDC agrees that this is a completely false narrative, saying, “….no vaccine is perfectly safe or effective.” How can you ethically allow for the mandating of a procedure that will UNDOUBTEDLY harm an unknown number of individuals? “But the safety testing is thorough and rigorous,” they say. The CDC says, “Pre-licensure trials do not have the ability to detect rare adverse events or adverse events with delayed onset.” Add to these facts the growing number of reports of disease outbreaks in fully vaccinated individuals along with the current Merck lawsuit over their lies surrounding the efficacy of the mumps portion of their MMR vaccine and perhaps these medical procedures aren’t as safe and effective as the anti-choice crowd would have you believe.vaxmeme

6. Vaccine reactions and deaths are not rare.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System receives 30,000 reports annually. VAERS is a passive reporting system which means under-reporting is a major problem. It is estimated that as little as 1% of reactions are reported in a passive surveillance program. That estimate would potentially put the actual number of adverse reactions at 3,000,000 annually. The CDC admittance that pre-licensure trials are unable to detect all adverse reactions combined with the fact that the method of post-licensure safety monitoring is hindered by the limitations of a passive reporting system, means there is literally no way of knowing the full extent of harm being done.

Adding to public concern about vaccines is the fact that immunization is mandated by many state and local school entry requirements. Because of this widespread use, safety problems with vaccines can have a potential impact on large numbers of persons.”  – CDC

Where there is a risk, there must be a choice.

7. There is no adequate avenue for recourse in the event you or your child suffers an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

Recall my previous mention of the numerous TV commercials for class-action lawsuits related to injuries and deaths associated with pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. What happens in the not-so-unlikely event that you or your child suffers a life-threatening or life-altering vaccine reaction? Well, you’d sue the doctor who administered the shot, right? Wrong. Doctors are free from all liability when it comes to informed consent violations where vaccines or vaccine reactions are concerned. Okay, so then you’d sue the vaccine manufacturer, yes? Wrong again. Vaccine manufacturers are also free from all liability when their products injure or kill. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 provides the vaccine industry with a luxury not afforded any other industry in this country: ZERO liability. There is no consumer protection. Your only option is to fight for the opportunity to plead your case in the jury-less “vaccine court.” This is an egregiously unjust system as the proof of causation is often denied due to the “safe and effective” lie. You or your child have been sacrificed on the altar of “the greater good” and, instead of being offered resources for care or compensation for your loss, you are mocked and essentially hung out to dry. Mandating a medical procedure while offering inadequate care and compensation for those harmed or killed for their obedience is inhumane.

8. California: Our Crystal Ball

As of right now, no legislation has been introduced for the upcoming 85th Legislative Session that calls for an all-out revoking of our conscientious and religious vaccine exemptions. Although the 84th Legislative Session saw the introduction of HB 2006 that sought to do just that (and failed thanks to grassroots action from Texans for Vaccine Choice and other groups!), a subtler approach is being taken this time. HB 120 would do away with the terms “religious exemption” or “ conscientious exemption” and replace them with “non-medical exemption.” After all, “non-medical” equals “non-valid,” right? One small step. By now we are all familiar with the fate California suffered last year with the passing of SB 277, but it didn’t start there. In 2007, they passed Assembly Bill 499, which lowered the age of consent for “STD prevention vaccines” to twelve. Compare this to our own HB 97 removing the need for parental consent for a minor child to receive the HPV vaccine, a bill that has been introduced this session. The similarities are not coincidental. They are part of the “How To Do Away With Exemptions” playbook. Today, California is facing an even larger threat to parental rights and personal liberties in SB 18 (introduced by SB 277’s Richard Pan) which lays groundwork for complete state takeover where child-rearing is concerned.

We have the unique privilege of hindsight in this situation. We see where they started: where we are now — and we see their current fiasco: our future if we don’t stand up for our rights NOW.

9. This is not just about vaccines.

Anti-choice medical mandate laws are more than a threat to our current health and freedom. When you agree to today’s mandated vaccine schedule, you also agree (sight unseen) to tomorrow’s vaccine schedule. When you agree to today’s mandated medical procedure for the good of “public health,” you agree (sight unseen) to tomorrow’s mandated medical procedure justified by the good of “public health.” You wouldn’t sign an open-ended, vague, indefinite contract where the other party is unknown and can change at any given time, where you control none of the variables but assume all financial and personal responsibility for all possible results or consequences, would you? Why do it with your health?

10. Control of our healthcare system is up for grabs.

Who owns you? Who has the rights to your life, your health, your future? Will you stand up for consumer control of our medical system or will you allow policy makers to dictate how you care for your health? Will you stand for an evidence-based, scientific approach to medicine, or will you allow profit-motivated pharmaceutical companies to control your health care options? Will you demand a responsible, safe, individualized model of care with adequate consumer protections in place, or will you trade tomorrow’s freedoms for today’s false promise of a safety net? Ownership of your healthcare system is up for grabs and YOU dictate who wins — we the people, or the corporations.

Take action now!



7 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to Support Vaccine Choice”

  1. Another reason is that the herd immunity by vaccination doesn’t exist and we are being lied to. Most don’t trust the mainstream media to tell the truth, so why do people continue to believe the medical and pharmaceutical lies spewed out from these outlets? Yet, the herd immunity mantra is the pro-mandate crowd’s only leg to stand on, and it’s a lie!

  2. Luke Makthepharack

    One of my child was allergic to the vaccines when he was 3 years old.

    He got sick for about three days. We noticed a dramatic change in his eyes and behavior on the fourth day. I spoke to countless parents who have gone through this exact horrifying experience.

    My son was totally normal before he got the vaccines.

    Please allow free choice for parents. I refuse to allow these pharmaceutical companies to stuff the politician’s mouths with money and hiding the awful risk of vaccinations.

  3. thank you for your work and support on this important topic. we need to maintain our right to choose. it’s hard to trust profit – driven medicine.

  4. Thank you for this information and for doing this! Is there any place I can find info on colleges that allow vaccine exemptions? My husband is being pressured to get an updated MMR vaccine for graduate school and I am against it due to his autoimmune health conditions.

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