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Vote YES on Proposition 8

Much attention is being paid to the multitude of contentious Texas Legislative races this Primary season, but what many Republican voters do not know is that there will also be thirteen crucial propositions included on the March 5 ballot. These propositions are significant because they will help communicate to the Republican Party of Texas, as well as those who seek to represent the party at any level of government, what our policy priorities ought to be.

Of particular importance as we recover from one of the greatest large-scale infringements upon personal liberty in our history is Proposition 8, which states: “The State of Texas should ensure that Texans are free to give or withhold consent for any vaccine without coercion”. In simpler terms, if a majority of primary voters choose “yes”, this proposition would compel the GOP to prioritize the creation of legislation (perhaps even a Constitutional amendment) to protect the fundamental right of Texans to choose which vaccines they take, if any, and possibly to punish those who coerce or force Texans to take a vaccine. 

As the most effective medical liberty organization in the state, Texans for Vaccine Choice has been on the forefront of this battle for informed consent, medical privacy and vaccine choice. We have sent hundreds of delegates to GOP conventions over the last decade and influenced many rank-and-file voters and elected officials to get on board with our goals. In 2020, the atmosphere surrounding medical liberty changed dramatically; suddenly, Texans from all walks of life were deeply impacted by medical mandates brought down by government officials and private employers alike. Our base of supporters across the state swelled to unprecedented numbers and, thanks to the diligent efforts of these grassroots advocates, we finally saw protective legislation passed in 2023. 

But there is one glaring limitation to some of these new laws – they only apply to COVID-19. After four years of overreach, we all see the writing on the wall. Future administrations and elected officials will undoubtedly try to force their hand yet again in the name of “fifteen days to slow the spread”, but it will be in response to some other yet-unnamed disease. We gave them an inch in 2020, and they will try to take their mile sooner or later.

This is exactly why Texans need to be proactive in telling their elected officials that medical liberty applies to all citizens and all vaccines. No one, especially not government bureaucrats, should be dictating what medical procedures you undergo. All medical products involve risk, and where there is risk, there must be a choice. Further, this choice must be unimpeded and unencumbered by threats to your ability to make a living, to what public services and buildings you are allowed to access, or to your parental rights.

If you cherish your right to bodily autonomy and your right to be the ultimate decision-maker for your child, vote YES on Proposition 8 on March 5.

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