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As the 88th Legislative Session winds down to its final hours, Team TFVC is still diligently advocating for your medical liberty – down to the last minute possible and beyond.

Tuesday was the last day for the House to pass bills that originated in the Senate, and SB 177 – The Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act – was recklessly placed on page 10 of a 12-page agenda for the day. Midnight struck as a bill on page 6 was being laid out by its author, meaning that SB 177 was a victim of partisan politics (despite bipartisan support in the Senate and in Committee) and never had an opportunity to be voted on by the chamber. Read more about SB 177 in our Press Release.

In happier news, Texans for Vaccine Choice saw one of its Legislative Priorities passed in the Senate and it is now headed to Governor Abbott’s desk! HB 44 will prohibit vaccine discrimination against pediatric patients by Medicaid and CHIP doctors, an unethical practice we have fought tirelessly to expose and end for several years. Learn more in our latest blog post!

The fight isn’t over yet! SB 29 to end government COVID-19 mandates needs to be cleaned  up before it is signed into law! Have your voice heard by following our Action Alert.

Positive Update: Since posting, the Senate decided NOT to concur with the watered down House version of SB 29! No need to continue emailing the Senate asking them not to concur. Stay tuned for next steps once all of the conferees have been announced!

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