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PRESS RELEASE: May 24, 2023

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Keller, TX. May 24, 2023 – HB 81 and its companion, SB 177, also known as the “Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act” was Representative Brian Harrison’s innovative proposal to recognize and codify Texans’ right to informed consent, and to enumerate how COVID-19 vaccine mandates violate that right. Representative Harrison and Senator Mayes Middleton spearheaded the effort to see this bill finally passed during the 88th Legislative Session, and TFVC supported them at every step along the way. 

We are grateful for Dan Patrick and the bi-partisan coalition of Senators who not only supported SB 177, but did their job in passing the legislation. Unfortunately, the halfhearted manner with which House leadership treated these bills resulted in SB 177 being killed on the last day it could be passed. 

Texans for Vaccine Choice Legislative Director Michelle Evans added, “TFVC supporters and others throughout the state have consistently and frequently advocated for the protections offered in SB 177, and it’s indefensible that the Texas House regarded medical liberty as unimportant and unworthy of passage. Republicans in the House let this legislation die.”

About Texans for Vaccine Choice
TFVC exists to protect and advance informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice for all Texans. Learn more about Texans for Vaccine Choice here: www.texansforvaccinechoice.com.


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