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KHOU Cherrypicks Exemption Facts to Promote Agenda

From our August 14, 2018 Facebook Post:


😱 FEAR: “New numbers from the Texas State Health Department indicate that we have up to 57,000 kids whose parents have opted out of vaccines for school. With some schools set to resume classes later this week, a Houston doctor fears a measles outbreak will happen at some point this school year in Texas…conditions are ripe for problems.”

💪 FACTS: From the same report that said that there are 57,000 exemptions for ONE OR MORE vaccines on file at Texas schools, you can also see that:

✔️the overall MMR vaccination rate for school children is NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT.

✔️EACH OF THE ELEVEN PUBLIC HEALTH REGIONS ACROSS THE STATE REPORT MMR VACCINATION RATES WELL ABOVE the 93% rate the World Health Organization claims is necessary to maintain measles “herd immunity”. None of the eleven regions report an average of under 97% for Kindergarteners and 7th graders.

🤔 I wonder why KHOU 11 News left that part out of their report?


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