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Dallas Morning News Tries Their Hand at Back To School Fear Mongering

From our August 7, 2018 Facebook Post:

1️⃣️ 2017-2018 Average Vaccination Rates Among Texas Kindergarteners & 7th Graders:
DTaP/Tdap – 96.8%
MMR – 98%
Polio – 97.9%
“For some diseases, herd immunity may begin to be induced with as little as 40% of the population vaccinated. More commonly, and depending on the contagiousness of the disease, vaccination rates need to be as high as 80-95%.”
-The College of Physicians of Philadelphia (as referenced by the CDC)

2️⃣️ The article cites Frisco ISD as having the third largest number of exempted students and Plano ISD the seventh.
– 1,266 of 58,860 Frisco ISD students are exempt from one or more vaccines. 97.8% of Frisco ISD students are completely vaccinated.
– 1,034 of 53,952 Plano ISD students are exempt from one or more vaccines. 98.1% of Plano ISD students are completely vaccinated.

3️⃣️ One vaccine exemption does not equal one completely unvaccinated student. Vaccination rates for each illness remain well above rates supposedly necessary for herd immunity to remain intact.

4️⃣️ School exemption rates have no correlation to disease outbreaks in the community at large.



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