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Odessa Becomes the First City to Ban COVID Vaccine Mandates

In a resounding move in defense of individual medical liberty and autonomy, the City Council of Odessa, Texas, made headlines this week by prohibiting the enforcement of COVID-era style mandates and restrictions. This courageous measure has sparked hope in the hearts of those who value the right to freely make their own medical choices. It’s beyond time for Texans to rally behind this decision and encourage other local governmental bodies across our great state to follow suit.

The resolution, presented by City Council Member Chris Hanie, resonates with TFVC supporters who value their civil liberties and fear repeated overreach into their healthcare decisions. Hanie’s argument that residents should have the freedom to decide whether to wear masks or receive vaccinations is a firm defense of medical liberty. Hanie also pointed out that Odessa has not experienced an increase in coronavirus cases, suggesting that the city’s residents have been responsible in their actions, demonstrating that a return of mandates would be unnecessary and individuals should always be given the freedom to make informed choices for themselves.

The partnership between Odessa and TFVC “Dream Team” member Rep Brian Harrison, is a testament to the growing movement in Texas to protect individual vaccine choice. Texans from all corners of the state are coming together to ensure Texas is a beacon of medical liberty for generations. This groundswell has also been seen in local Republican parties in Ellis, Williamson, and El Paso Counties – all of which have passed resolutions calling upon the Texas Legislature to take swift and decisive action to protect Texans from any COVID vaccine mandate.

The groundbreaking action taken by Odessa should serve as an inspiration for other cities, counties and even school boards across the Lone Star State. We encourage leaders and citizens in municipal governments to consider similar resolutions to uphold the principles of medical liberty and personal choice. This is an opportunity for communities to stand together in defense of personal autonomy.

Odessa’s decision to prohibit the enforcement of mandates at the local level is a historic moment in the fight for medical liberty and personal choice. It is a reminder that, as Texans, we value our individual healthcare freedoms and the right to make informed decisions about our well-being. Let us celebrate Odessa’s bold move and work together to encourage other cities to join the cause. Together, we can protect the values that make Texas a beacon of medical liberty. 

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6 thoughts on “Odessa Becomes the First City to Ban COVID Vaccine Mandates”

  1. Hallelujah for Odessa, TX!! Thank you for bravely exhibiting clear and rational thinking and standing up to those who real agenda is to destroy America. My hope is that this action will be repeated by every city, county, and state in the US, and in other countries as well.

  2. Totally support Odessa’s decision to ban all mandates in regard to vaccines and the wearing of masks which in my opinion do more harm than good. Hoping this will set a precedent for others.

  3. The resolution does not have the effect of law. And HB2127 makes any such ordinance very challenging to write. It doesn’t mean an ordinance banning mask and vaccine mandates cannot be written, you just have to thread the needle between the various codes that are called out in the law.

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