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Tulsa Mayor Doubles down on Oppresive COVID Policies

In a time when the principles of medical liberty and informed consent are paramount, Tulsa’s Mayor Bynum appears to have chosen a different path. Despite mounting evidence and the growing chorus of voices questioning the efficacy and necessity of COVID-19 policies, Bynum seems determined to double down on measures that go against the very essence of individual freedom and choice.

One might wonder: When will Mayor Bynum heed the call of reason and respect the rights of his constituents to make informed decisions about their health? It is disheartening to witness an elected official clinging to policies that have raised legitimate concerns about their effectiveness and potential harm.

In response to a simple question about when the city will rectify the damage caused by unscientific lockdowns during the COVID pandemic, Bynum responded  by defending these actions, claiming they were not “proven unjustified.” Such a response not only disregards mounting evidence but also undermines the very foundations of medical liberty and informed consent.

Medical liberty, a cornerstone of our society, ensures that individuals have the autonomy to make decisions about their own bodies. Informed consent goes hand-in-hand with this principle, emphasizing the importance of individuals having access to accurate and unbiased information to make choices about their medical care. Bynum’s dismissal of the concerns raised by his constituents runs counter to these fundamental values.

Across the nation, voices are rising against mandates, lockdowns, and vaccination campaigns that lack transparency and respect for individual choices. Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo has urged people to resist policies that have been proven ineffective, pointing out the harm they can cause. His message resonates with those who believe that government mandates should not infringe on personal freedoms.

Moreover, concerns about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and masks cannot be simply brushed aside. Reports of adverse effects, including stillbirths and cognitive decline, have raised valid questions about the true impact of these measures. While experts may differ in their opinions, it is crucial to acknowledge and address these concerns rather than dismiss them outright.

Prominent figures like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. have presented compelling arguments against what they see as manipulations by public health authorities. They call for a more comprehensive understanding of the situation beyond mainstream narratives. Dr. Malone’s recent comments about the Biden administration’s push for a new COVID vaccine and its implications for individual freedoms underscore the urgency of these concerns.

It is high time for Mayor Bynum to reevaluate his stance on COVID policies and to respect the principles of medical liberty and informed consent. Our citizens deserve the right to make informed decisions about their health, free from government coercion or restrictions. As the evidence continues to mount, it becomes increasingly clear that the path to freedom and respect for individual choice is the one our elected officials should be championing.

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