For medical freedom to truly exist, it’s essential that representatives of the people commit to prohibit vaccine mandates. If you are running for ANY office in Texas, and want to take the TFVC Vaccine Choice Protection Pledge we offer two options:

1- You can fill out the form below, or 2- you can download a copy of the pledge, sign and return via email. We will review it and contact you for confirmation. All confirmed pledge signers will be published on the TFVC Voter Guide.

If you’ve submitted your pledge and not heard back from us within five business days, please email us at [email protected]

To see who has already signed the pledge, click HERE.

Fill out the form

Download, Sign, Return

You can download a copy of the Pledge here. Add information for the office you are seeking, sign, and return to [email protected] We’ll reach out to collect additional information to confirm your run for office before officially acknowledging your submission.

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