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Runge ISD Pushes COVID Craziness – Again

What came first in 2020 – the lockdown or the jab?

They were able to convince the whole world to stay home for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”, but when that wasn’t enough they started pushing big pharma’s liability-free jab. 

Tyrannical COVID crazies are now back at it, locking down schools again. Runge ISD, a small school district in South Texas decided to close its schools temporarily due to a reported increase in COVID-19 cases. COVID school closures were never warranted before, and they’re especially absurd in this situation considering the district reported just a 4% positivity rate.  

With such a limited number of cases this is clearly a way for the medical mafia to push their agenda on Texans again. 

While prioritizing the health and safety of students and staff is of paramount importance, the decision to close schools should be carefully evaluated based on a comprehensive assessment of risks and benefits. The closure is only contributing to an atmosphere of unwarranted alarm and irrational fear surrounding the virus, not to mention exacerbating learning losses and putting hard-working parents in a bind.

The current climate of COVID hysteria has led to a range of responses that, at times, do not fully consider the broader implications for students’ education and well-being. School closures can disrupt students’ regular learning routines, hinder access to essential services, and further widen existing educational disparities. Remote learning, often proposed as an alternative, does not effectively address the needs of all students. Reacting hastily to a small number of cases will generate undue panic and potentially compromise students’ right to a quality education.

As the Runge ISD closure unfolds, it becomes emblematic of the larger debate surrounding COVID response measures. Texas schools cannot get away with harming our students and pushing COVID tyranny anymore.

The next foreseeable step for the medical mafia in Runge ISD is to force vaccines on students for them to return to the classroom! Do not comply, learn more about vaccine exemptions here

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