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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s License Suspension Sparks Concern

The recent suspension of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s medical license by the State Medical Board of Ohio has ignited a heated debate about the boundaries of medical liberty, informed consent, and the right of healthcare professionals to express their opinions on COVID-19 vaccines.

At the heart of the matter is Dr. Tenpenny’s response to an investigation initiated by the State Medical Board of Ohio regarding her critical comments on COVID-19 vaccines. Her lawyer, Tom Renz, is resolute in his plan to challenge the suspension, emphasizing alleged violations of due process rights. Renz’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and ensuring justice prevails underscores the importance of protecting both medical professionals and individual liberties.

The ramifications of Dr. Tenpenny’s suspension reach far beyond her case, sending a worrisome message to healthcare practitioners who hold differing viewpoints on vaccines. The foundation of our society and in scientific debate lies in the ability to challenge differing opinions in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. Restricting dissenting voices risks hindering medical progress and compromising transparency, ultimately impeding the public’s right to make informed decisions about their health.

In this complex landscape, Texans for Vaccine Choice remains steadfast in advocating for medical professionals’ right to voice their opinions without the specter of punitive actions. The suspension of Dr. Tenpenny’s license raises urgent questions about striking the balance between safeguarding public health and respecting individual rights. To make truly informed decisions, individuals must be empowered with a variety of perspectives and data-driven discussions.

Medical liberty and informed consent are vital pillars that guide ethical healthcare practices. As the discussion evolves, it is paramount for policymakers and regulatory bodies to carefully consider the broader implications of stifling open dialogue among healthcare professionals. In an era where trust in the medical community is paramount, cultivating an environment of respectful discourse is instrumental in advancing both scientific understanding and the preservation of personal freedoms.

As Texans for Vaccine Choice continue to champion medical liberty and the right to informed consent, they call on all stakeholders to prioritize these principles. In a world where diverse opinions contribute to robust scientific progress, it is essential to protect the liberties that underscore the foundation of our society.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s License Suspension Sparks Concern”

  1. This is extremely sad to hear – I had no idea her license was revoked. Wow. American Frontline Doctors with Simone Gold, M.D. J.D. has been subject to this as well. “Diverse opinions contribute to robust scientific progress” as you state, in reality, only are permitted by the left’s ideology, nothing more. There can’t be diverse opinions, only on the left. We are in deep trouble in this world. We can only imagine the indoctrination currently happening in our medical schools, and how they’re brainwashing our young, vulnerable, medical students into this nefarious mess with covid, Big Pharma and the like. There may be no turning back from this.

  2. INFORMED CONSENT has become a joke! When I was hospitalized with covid in Oct 2021, I was NOT vaccinated and had no desire to be vaccinated with anything related to covid. The ER physician had told my daughter and me that the first night would be for getting my oxygen level up and doing some tests to see why I was experiencing some aFib. THEY NEVER HAD ME SIGN ANYTHING! So, later that night, about midnight or so, a doctor came in who was my “assigned physician” and he told me that he was preparing to start a treatment plan with remdesiver and that I might need to be put on a ventilator. I told him NO, No I do NOT want remdesiver, ever, nor do I want a ventilator (I was on oxygen, through a nasal cannula, and breathing fine). I told my adult daughters and all three of them started calling the hospital to make sure they knew that I did NOT want remdesiver or a ventilator. They did change out my “assigned physician” and I proceeded to recover. When I got my hospital bill later, I found that the doctor had actually given me the first dose of remdesiver BEFORE he ever even came in to my room and saw me!!! I complained to the hospital and the doctors office that sent me a bill for the remdesiver. The hospital (HCA) did nothing and said remdesiver was an approved treatment for covid, and didn’t seem to care that the doctor started a procedure before he ever saw me or spoke to me. The doctors office actually did take that charge off of my bill. But I still don’t know, and probably will never know, if the one treatment did any harm to me. I don’t trust many doctors anymore and I avoid them all. (Oh, and all the hospital bill, it was described as a “vaccine treatment”).

    1. Very sad, just very sad that the State of Ohio is using censorship to keep a doctor from talking about a harmful treatment that they SHOULD talk about if their patient asks. The data requires it. Shame on Ohio.

  3. Diverse opinions contribute to robust scientific progress…but it needs to be grounded in actual facts and data! This lady is a loon. She predicted that 50 million people in the US would be dead from the vaccine and that the vaccine would give people AIDS. That is just utter nonsensical; based on what, your nightmares?

    Here is a YouTube video showing her making wild groundless claims.

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