Vaccine Choice Protection Pledge Signers

Texans seeking state and local office are standing up against mandates and committing themselves to action. The Pledge commits signers to “vigorously work to prohibit all vaccine mandates in Texas, including those imposed by both public and private businesses, and support a special session to do so immediately.”

All elected officials and candidates seeking office in Texas are welcome to sign the pledge. A pledge can be submitted or downloaded HERE.

US Congress

  • Dan Thomas for District 4
  • Ed Cabrera for District 28
  • Steven Fowler for District 28
  • Sandra Whitten for District 28
  • Kelvin John Goodwin Castillo for District 30


  • Don Huffines for Governor
  • Chad Prather for Governor
  • Allen West for Governor
  • Daniel Miller for Lt. Governor
  • Victor Avila for Land Commissioner
  • Weston Martinez for Land Commissioner
  • Jon Spiers for Land Commissioner
  • Sid Miller Agriculture Commissioner

Texas Senate

  • Warren Norred for Senate District 10
  • Mayes Middleton for Senate District 11
  • Channon Cain for Senate District 25

Texas House

  • George Lavender for House District 1
  • Bryan Slaton House District 2
  • Clyde Blake Bostick for House District 2
  • Dewey Ray Collier II for House District 5
  • Joshua Hamm for House District 12
  • Steve Toth House District 15
  • Jennifer Bezner for House District 17
  • Tom Glass for House District 17
  • Janis Holt for House District 18
  • Nubia Devine for House District 19
  • Ellen Troxclair for House District 19
  • Terri Leo Wilson for House District 23
  • Jonathan Schober for House District 52
  • Wesley Virdell for House District 53
  • Matthew Poole for House District 57
  • Mike Olcott for House District 60
  • Shelley Luther for House District 62
  • Andy Hopper for House District 64
  • Mark Middleton for House District 68
  • Ramesh Cherivirala for House District 76
  • David Lowe for House District 91
  • Anthony Reed for House District 91
  • David M. Silvey for House District 91
  • Tony Tinderholt House District 94
  • Taylor Mondick for House District 95
  • Mitchell Ryan for House District 98
  • Mark Dorazio for House District 122
  • Deanna Robertson for House District 127
  • Michelle Evans for House District 136
  • Christine Kalmbach for House District 138

Local Government

  • Ryan Gallagher for Williamson County Judge
  • Chad L. Miller for Wise County Judge

3 thoughts on “Vaccine Choice Protection Pledge Signers”

  1. Melanie Jackson

    Thank you for signing. Iam a nurse and want no more vaccines forced on me. I have to work but should be able to decide what goes into my body. My constitutional rights should be in place always.

    1. Thank you! To all those who support personal sovereignty and our inalienable rights! Please don’t let ANYONE whittle away at our constitution and feel empowered to protect it!

  2. Jean Rosslyn Harris

    I am 75 years of age and have been a citizen of Texas since my birth. I have NEVER felt my rights as an American have been on the line as they are now. The vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and a shame to our state and our nation. I have researched all information on the vaccines and made a personal decision to remain Unvaccinated, no matter the cost to me; however, younger peoples’ very livelihood is being put in jeopardy for the same decision. I am asking you to let freedom continue in this decision by opposing and stopping mandates for the vaccine on any and ALL people!

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