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Petition: No Jabs for Jobs

Texans are still losing their jobs or having difficulty finding employment for exercising their medical freedom. No one should be required to undergo a medical procedure in order to work. Gov. Abbott has the ability to call a special session and end these mandates in less than a week. Failing this, Gov. Abbott can make medical freedom a priority for the new regular session next year. Big Pharma and Big Business are spending BIG money to keep this from happening. We must continue to demand action.

Attendees at the upcoming Republican Party of Texas State Convention will be able to sign petition cards at the TFVC booth. These cards will be HAND DELIVERED to Gov. Abbott’s booth at the convention. If you are not attending but would still like to sign, we invite you to fill out the form below, and we will fill out a card on your behalf and place it in the petition box at convention. 


Governor Abbott chose to not attend the Republican Party of Texas State Convention, but we will not be ignored! Our cause is too urgent and too crucial. Therefore, we will be delivering the petition cards from the RPT Convention as well as each of your online signatures directly to the office of the Governor. You must sign by 11:59pm on July 4th for your signature to be delivered. Declare your independence from vaccine mandates! Sign now!

12 thoughts on “Petition: No Jabs for Jobs”

  1. Dr. F. said a couple years ago that natural immunity was superior to vaccines. I believed him THEN!

  2. As a Registered Nurse, I am having difficulty finding a job that does not require getting these gene therapy injections. I will not ever get them and I do not consent to being Big Pharmas Experimental Guinea Pig. I am currently unemployed and have children to care for. This is affecting many people in the medical field. I have 20 years of nursing and now , I may not be able to continue caring for others unless vaccine mandates are lifted.

  3. Look at Dr. Naomi Wolfe’s work, and her book ” The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human” that details information from Pfizer’s own studies on it’s covid vaccine. Many deaths of infants who got the ‘jab’, many neurological disorders and heart problems in youth and older. Terrible problems! I can’t believe Governor Abbott has let this go on for so long in our great state of Texas!

  4. No person should be required to inject an experimental vaccine into their body without having informed consent to do so. They should not be coerced , threatened or in any way pressured into taking it.

  5. Thank you. You stand for Texas and for freedoms that should never have been circumvented. Keep going strong!

  6. Janet Byram Gowling

    I almost lost my job for refusing “the jab”, I was prepared to be fired. My company realized how many people they would lose over this issue and allowed us to file exemptions. Recently they violated my HIPAA and I called them out on it, that medical information has now been removed after threat of action against them. Thanks to all who stand for freedom of choice in medical procedures!!!!!

  7. Y’all are amazing!! Thanks for going into the trenches to maintain our freedoms! Keep up the good fight!! I’m praying!!

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