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PETITION: Open the Texas Capitol

In a devastating blow, Texans were notified this week that many public advocacy events scheduled during the Texas Legislative Session, which convenes in January, have been canceled due to newly implemented COVID-19 regulations. Even worse, lawmakers are currently discussing major restrictions to citizen access to the Capitol behind closed doors.

What does this mean for the citizens of Texas? If the doors of the Capitol are locked, there will be a complete lack of transparency and accountability for our elected officials. Our only access to elected officials would be through untested technology prone to human error and the whims of those pushing the buttons.

If 2020 is any indication, we expect much of the Texas Capitol will be restricted for the entirety of the 87th Session, opening only after a vaccine is widely distributed, or worse, mandated. Those who want to see a session driven by industry and lobby priorities will never let a good crisis go to waste.

Join us in sending a clear message to our elected officials that we demand unencumbered access to our Capitol. It’s the right of every Texan to petition their representatives directly to ensure transparency and accountability. The 87th Legislative Session should be no different.

Official Petition Language:

We, the undersigned, declare our enthusiastic support for the Texas Capitol Building be open for business, without restrictions, on January 12, 2021. We further express our concern that industry and special interest groups will be able to ram their agendas through without the oversight and accountability of the citizen advocates of our great state if the capitol doors remain locked to the citizens of Texas. We call on all elected state officials to honor the deep belief in personal responsibility that Texans are known for and open the people’s building.

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