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General Vaccine Safety Information

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History of Vaccine Schedules for US Children (for professional printing: request 17" x 11", double-sided, full color copies folded in half.)
History of Vaccine Schedules for US Children (for print from home ease: set your printer to print double-sided copies and trim.)
Concerning Science Tri-fold Brochure (set your printer to print double-sided, select "fit to page" or "shrink to fit" if necessary, then fold in thirds)
Vaccine Ingredients and VAERS (set your printer to print double-sided then fold in half.)
Epidemic of 1986 (set your printer to print double-sided)
Vaccine Injury Guide (set printer to print double-sided)

Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit – Many Gardasil vaccine lawsuits are currently ongoing across the United States. Dozens of Gardasil lawsuits have been filed against Merck in federal court.

New Parent Informed Consent Bundle! If you have a loved one that is in their baby-making season of life and you have struggled to find the perfect way to have ‘the talk’ with them about vaccine safety and their legal exemption rights, allow Team TFVC to do the heavy lifting by gifting your loved one with our New Parent Informed Consent Bundle. Click the image above to learn more.
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